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Medical negligence Middleton

Medical negligence Middleton

Patients who have been harmed by the medical care that they have received from a healthcare professional could be inline to claim compensation from the party or organisation responsible. This compensation could help to pay for additional medical care or to help you move on with your life. If you have been harmed by negligent medical care, you could claim compensation. To do so you may need a medical negligence solicitor and could be searching for medical negligence solicitors in Middleton.

At Medical Negligence Assist we have a panel of clinical negligence solicitors who could help you. Though not located here, our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Middleton area and could help to secure you a compensation settlement. Making a medical claim could be a complex process. The more severe or complicated your injuries, the more complex the case may be. As such we recommend that you contact our team to see how a specialist solicitor could help you claim for medical neglect.

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Selecting A Clinical Negligence Solicitor

If you need to make a personal injury claim for harmed caused by a doctor or other medical practitioner you may have been seriously harmed. At such as time you may feel let down by the healthcare profession and distressed at what has happened to you. This means that you may be searching for a legal team to help you. Our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors could be the people to handle your claim. Not only do they know how to represent you in your case but they also understand the traumatic experience you may have been through. The people on our team could help you in reporting a doctor for negligence and then getting compensation from them. No matter whether you claim will be against a private hospital or GP working in the NHS we could help you.

Should You Look At Reviews Or Testimonials Of Clinical Negligence Solicitors?

Whilst you don’t have to make you claim through ‘medical negligence solicitors in my area’ we do recommend that you look at medical negligence solicitors reviews and testimonials from those that they have helped in the past. Look at things such as whether they have the right experience to handle your case. Next we also recommend talking to the solicitor or their team. This can help you to check whether you are comfortable with them handling your case and being privy to private and medical information. Before you make a call, think about anything which you may want to ask them. When you ask any questions, make sure that you do get a full answer and that you fully understand those given.

Should I Make A Clinical Claim With A Local Solicitor?

When making a claim people often believe that they need to do so with a local solicitor, such as medical negligence solicitors in Middleton. This does not need to be the case. Our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Middleton area and handle claims as easily and conveniently as local law firm. They have many years of experience in claiming compensation for people harmed through NHS negligence and could help you. They can handle claims against any of the medical service providers in the area. Just because a medical negligence lawyer is close to you does not necessarily mean that they are the best person to handle your case

Injury And Illness Assessments Could Be Carried Out By Our Panel Of Doctors

At your medical exam a doctor will assess your injuries or illness already diagnosed as well as looking for any hidden injuries. They will they be able to provide your solicitor with an independent report and estimate of the harm caused to you and how long it will take for you to recover. You may then be referred to a specialist if you are not already under any necessary specialist care. They will then prepare the medical report which will be used to help determine how much compensation you could be owed.

The medical report will set out the circumstances of how you were injured or harmed and the nature of your illness or injury. It will also set out how this has affected you, such effects on your ability to work or on your family life.

We work with a panel of doctors who could conduct these examinations. In this area they could include;

Afshan Jahanzeb
AAC Physiotherapy (Oldham),
426 Middleton Road,

Simon Briggs
Fields New Road Primary Care Centre,
Fields New Road,

Akiva Lieberman
St Gabriel’s Medical Centre,
4 Bishops Road,
M25 0HT

Examples And Types Of Clinical Negligence

Clinical negligence is a breach of the duty of care doctor, nurse, dentist, etc owes their patient. Whilst everyone hopes that if they are injured or ill they will be treated with the best possible care, this may not always be the case and at times healthcare services and providers do not meet expected or even basic standards. In such cases you could be harmed by this carelessness or negligence. Whilst we look at some forms this harmful negligence could take in this article, there are many more forms. Other forms of medical negligence are;

  • Paramedic or A&E malpractice.
  • Careless medical advice.
  • Medical records being lost or mis-recorded.
  • Malpractice in acute care.

Operation And Surgical Negligence

Each and every year there are thousands of operations and surgical procedures carried out across the UK. For the vast majority of these the procedure will happen as planned, but, in some instances, this will not be the case. There are three stages of a surgical procedure and thus three areas where negligence could arise. These are,

  1. The initial investigation and diagnosis of any illness or injury requiring surgical intervention.
  2. Properly notifying the patient, discussing their options and getting informed consent.
  3. Any complications which may arise during the surgery.

Private health care or NHS negligence could take place at any of these stages

Hospital Negligence

Hospitals can be very busy and they may be treating many different patients in many different stages of illness or injury for multiple reasons. With the sheer number of people being treated and range of services offered, it is easy to see how negligence could take place and someone be harmed as a result. You may start your hospital journey in A&E before proceding through testing to finally to a ward or surgery. At each stage of your care you should expect the nursing staff and doctors to provide the best care possible. If you were harmed due to substandard care, you could be able to claim compensation no matter whether or not initially the hospital admits negligence.

Birth Injuries

Mothers and babies may be uniquely vulnerable at and around the delivery of a new baby. There are many different ways in which either could be harmed. Some of these include,

  • Jaundice.
  • Mothers suffering his dysplasia.
  • Neonatal deaths and stillbirths.
  • Forms of paralysis.
  • Cerebral palsy.
  • Fractures to the babies bones or skull.
  • Injuries to the babies head or spine.

Our panel of personal injury lawyers have the experience to handle claims against doctors, nurses, radiographers, midwives or anyone else involved in dispensing care to expectant mothers or newborn children.

Nursing Home Negligence

Up and down the country, nursing homes and care homes look after some of the most vulnerable people in society including the eldery and those otherwise unable to fully care for themselves. Such residents of care homes place a lot of trust in the staff running them and are reliant on the services provided. Consequently when something goes wrong they could be seriously harmed as a result. Care or nursing home negligence could include,

  1. Patients/ residents coming to injury due to lack of safety features or disrepair.
  2. Not being given the right medication.
  3. Not being properly mentally cared for.
  4. Not receiving the right or enough food and drink.

Care home negligence could have a serious effect on a loved one. A personal injury lawyer could help your loved one to secure the settlement they are owed.

Cancer Negligence Or Gross Negligence

If you have cancer or think that you may have cancer getting tested and referred for specialist assessment as soon as possible can be crucial. For some, this may be the deciding factor between beating cancer and getting healthy again or a long illness and even death. As such medical negligence in a cancer diagnosis could have some of the most serious implications for patients. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence sets out guidelines and pathways for how cancer patients should be treated.

If you have been harmed by medical negligence in your cancer treatment a solicitor could help you to take action.

Claims Against Negligent Dentists

Negligence in dentistry or dental care could be defined as an illness or injury which has been caused to a patient and which could have been avoided. In cases of negligence, said carelessness and harm will have been caused by a dentist or a dental practitioner. You could be able to claim compensation if your dental care was poor, if they acted in a negligent way and if you were harmed as a result.

Claims For GP’s Gross Negligence

Patients could claim compensation for a GP’s gross negligence if they have suffered some form of avoidable illness or injury which has been caused by neglect or carelessness on their part. As the care dispensed by a GP can be extremely varied.

Some of the many ways in which it could present include,

  • Not carrying out a proper examination of a patient.
  • Not taking a patient’s medical history into account.
  • Delayed action on recommending treatment or tests, etc.
  • Failures in communication, such as not informing a patient about the results of an important test.

Reported Claims Against NHS Trusts In Middleton

Above we have looked at just some of the many different forms that clinical malpractice or negligence could take. But, how prevalent are instances of medical negligence in Middleton? (and in Greater Manchester NHS Trusts serving the area)? The following NHS negligence claims statistics, which are taken from NHS Resolution, look at reports of medical negligence against the NHS trusts listed below. The data also includes how much has been paid out in compensation for these accounting periods.

NHS Trust Or Relevant Healthcare AuthorityNo. of claims recievedNo. of reported incidentsCNST Damages Paid
Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust (The)1652117,736,119
Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust9*493,971

For more information, visit NHS Resolution and view additional statistics here.

Hospitals Serving Patients In Middleton

The above statistics deal with claims which were made against NHS trusts serving Middleton. As a town within the borough of Rochdale and in the Greater Manchester area, Middleton is served by high quality medical services. The towns population of over 42,000 is served by both private and NHS medical services. Whilst there are many different services and providers in the area, some of the larger hospital and clinical facilities include those listed below.

NHS hospitals and clinical services

  • The Pennine Acute Hospital.
  • North Manchester General Hospital.
  • Fairfield General Hospital.
  • The Royal Oldham Hospital.
  • All Saints Hospital.

Private healthcare services

  • BMI The Highfield Hospital.
  • Pall Mall Medical & Cosmetics.
  • Hope Citadel Healthcare.

If you experienced medical negligence at any of these or other facilities in the area contact us to see if a medical negligence solicitor could help you.

How To Make A No Win No Fee Clinical Negligence Claim

For whatever reason you are making a personal injury claim (whether medical negligence or injuries sustained in other circumstances) the most common and popular way to do so is by a no win no fee agreement. Your personal injury solicitor may also refer to this as a conditional fee agreement, but it means the same thing. No win no fee agreements mean that you can make a compensation claim without having to worry about paying legal fees upfront. In fact, if your claim is not successful, you won’t need to make any payments to the solicitor. This takes any risk out of your starting a claim, even if unsure of the outcome. There are no hidden charges and you should not be let out of pocket if you do not win the claim. If you do, the fee will already be agreed upon and simply deducted from your settlement. You could learn more about how our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors could help you through a no win no fee agreement by talking to our team.

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No matter how you were harmed or what type of medical practitioner mistreated you, you may have grounds to seek compensatory damages. We have shown that you do not need to make a medical claim with or through medical negligence solicitors in Middleton. Whilst the claims process may seem daunting or complicated, contacting our team will demystify the process and help you get started on the road to getting any compensation owed to you.

You can contact our team and being the claim process by telephoning us directly and talking to a member of our team on 0800 652 3087. You could also use the resources such as our online claims form or online contact form to begin a claim or get in touch. Whichever method you choose to contact us through, we are standing by to help you.

Additional Medical Claims Resources

In this guide we have set out what medical negligence is and some of the things to consider when searching for someone to handle your claim. We have also introduced you to some of the different reasons for which you may wish to make a medical neglect or negligence claim. Further, we have shown one of the most popular ways to fund a claim, through a no win, no fee agreement. Finally we also hope to have shown why you do not need to claim with medical negligence solicitors in Middleton. Below, we have included links to Greater Manchester medical services in and around Middleton as well as to additional relevant guides on our site.

North Manchester Acute Hospital
Delaunays Road,
M8 5RB
Website www.pat.nhs.uk/our-hospitals/north-manchester-general-hospital

Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust
This is the NHS Trust providing and administering medical and healthcare services in Middleton and the surrounding areas.

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This article looks at how a medical negligence lawyer, solicitor or law firm could help you to seek compensation for harm caused if your illness was misdiagnosed.

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