Northumberland Medical Negligence Solicitors – No Win No Fee Claims Lawyers Guide

Medical negligence Northumberland

Medical negligence Northumberland

By Marlon Rudy. Last Updated 11th November 2022. If you are reading this guide you may be searching for medical negligence solicitors in Northumberland or those who are able to help people claim compensation for medical negligence in the Northumberland region. Whilst not specifically located in this area, our panel of solicitors and personal injury lawyers could help you to seek compensation. We feel that whether you are claiming for dental negligence or harm caused by any other physician or healthcare provider, the claims process should not be overly complicated.

In this guide you will find advice on how to find the right solicitor to handle your claim as well as an overview of examples of different possible medical negligence cases. If you want to get in contact with our team, you can do so by calling us on 0800 652 3087.

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How To Choose Between Different Solicitors For Medical Claims

When you are making a personal injury claim, there are several steps which you could take in order to ensure that you choose the right person to handle your case. We recommend that you take some or all of the following steps when choosing between solicitors in the North East, or those covering this area.

  1. Whilst recommendations and reviews could be useful, they do not need to be the final word on your choice of solicitor or lawyer.
  2. You do not always need to make your claim with medical negligence solicitors in your area.
  3. Look at how a solicitor will stay in touch with you.
  4. Ask if your claim could be made on a no win no fee basis.
  5. Always look at the solicitors experience, success cases, years in the industry and the way the communicate.

Will I Need To Claim With A Solicitor Based In Northumberland?

Whilst there may be nothing wrong with using a solicitor based in your local area, such as solicitors in the North East, you don’t have to limit your search to this area. There are lots of different ways in which you and your solicitor could stay in contact with each other during the claims process.

We think that what services a solicitor could provide and whether or not they have previously helped people such as yourself could be a better criteria to help pick a solicitor by.

Any Medical Exams Could Be Carried Out By A Doctor In This Region

An important part of the claims process is getting your injuries or illness, as well as your general health, assessed and examined by an independent expert. This could be organised by our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors and may be carried out across the country as convenient to you.

Whilst we do not currently have medical experts on our panel who are based in Northumberland, the closest doctors on our panel may include the following.

Kamran Shafiq
Regus Gateshead, Maingate,
Grainger Park, Kingsway North The Axis Building
NE11 0NQ

Compare Solicitors Services With Reviews

We also recommend that you look at things such as testimonials or recommendations of a solicitor before you choose to work with them on your claim. Reading different testimonials or recommendations as well as talking to family and friends could help you choose the right person for your case. You may also learn more about the claims process at the same time.

Whilst such reviews may be helpful, we also recommend that you phone our team and discuss your options with them.

When Could You Claim For Medical Negligence In The Northumberland Region?

Medical negligence could be caused in different ways and cause a variety of different and harmful results. Whilst some forms of error may be more common, that is not to say that you may not be able to claim in less common circumstances. In this guide we look in a little detail at times you may be eligible to claim, such as claiming for dental negligence or surgical mistakes. Other examples of medical negligence could include;

  • Surgical gross malpractice.
  • Negligence in treatment in an A&E department.
  • Negligence in paediatric care.
  • Instances of fatal medical negligence.

Remember a negligent act alone will not suffice, avoidable harm such as a preventable injury or unnecessary illness will have been suffered as a consequence of the negligence in order to be eligible to pursue a claim. If you have been the victim of medical negligence in the Northumberland region, read below to see when and how you could claim compensation.

Surgery Compensation Claims

Needing to have surgery to treat any form of injury or illness is relatively common and most surgical procedures will be successful, going to plan. However if the surgical team do not always operate using the correct proven procedures ensuring patients are as safe as possible with accordance to their duty of care harm could result due to negligent treatment. If you were hurt or became sick due to surgical negligence, one of our panel of solicitors covering the North East could help you to make a surgery compensation claim.

Negligence in surgery could manifest as,

  • Failed surgical procedures due to avoidable errors.
  • Surgery being carried out on the wrong patient or the wrong part of a patient’s body.
  • Unnecessary surgical procedures being carried out due to misdiagnosis.
  • Delays in surgery which were not necessary.
  • Surgical implements or materials being left inside the surgical site.

Make sure that you begin your surgery compensation claim within the medical negligence claims time limit by contacting solicitors covering the North East from our panel today.

Birth Negligence Claims

Antenatal and birth care needs to be of the highest possible standard. Both mother and child are vulnerable to injury or illness at this time and appropriate steps (such as tests being carried out and the right processes being followed) must be taken to ensure that their health is protected. Birth negligence claims could be made in a variety of different circumstances. These may be for,

  • Avoidable injuries caused to the mother or the baby during the birth of a child due to negligence.
  • Illness (or injuries) not being correctly diagnosed when it would have been expected to be causing unnecessary suffering.
  • Tests or screenings not being carried out at the correct stages therefore failure to spot conditions that needed treatment.

Harm caused during the birth of a child may be devastating. If you are searching for medical negligence solicitors in Northumberland our team could help you to find a personal injury solicitor covering this county.

Hospital Negligence In Northumberland

Our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors could help you to claim compensation for harm caused due to hospital negligence whilst under the care of a hospital in the Northumberland region. Whilst under the care of a hospital you should be kept as safe as possible wherever possible. If something goes wrong whilst under the care of a hospital in this area, such as birth injuries or harm during surgery, and the harm is a direct cause of negligence you could have reason to claim compensation. The solicitors who are part of our panel could help you to claim for medical negligence in Northumberland caused by poor hospital care.

Negligence At Residential Care Homes

People require residential care at a nursing home or a care home for a variety of different reasons, such as a disability, age, or simply needing more help to complete everyday tasks. Whatever the reasons for needing care, you (or the person you are enquiring about) should be able to rely on the residential care to provide all the services required and meet people’s healthcare needs. Care home and nursing home staff have a duty of care to keep patients as safe wherever possible and also provide appropriate healthcare to those they are attending to.

Negligence in any care home could manifest as physical harm, such as bed sores due to not being moved, negligence in not providing nutrition or medication, or failures in providing medical care. If you have been harmed by negligence at a residential care home, speak to our advisors today for more information.

Negligence By A GP

Whilst there are different services which may be provided by a GP surgery, there are an equal number of ways in which harm could be caused if standards are not kept at that minimum level. Examples of negligence by a GP which could be considered grounds to make a claim are,

  • Failing to correctly diagnose an injury or illness when reasonably expected to be able to.
  • Not accurately recording details of a patient’s assessment or nor recording other information which leads to a patient not receiving the correct treatment and suffering as a consequence.
  • Not issuing the right prescription allowing the current condition to worsen due to lack of treatment.
  • Not referring the patient for necessary treatment or assessment by a specialist which results in unnecessary suffering.

What Is Dental Negligence And Can I Claim?

Our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Northumberland area and help people to make dental negligence claims. But, what is dental negligence? Whilst there are different forms which dental negligence could take, there are some which may be seen more commonly than others. Such reasons for making a dental negligence claim may be,

  • Injury or illness attributed to negligent mistakes.
  • The wrong procedure having been carried out due to misdiagnosis.
  • An injury or an illness being misdiagnosed causing further suffering.
  • The wrong tooth being extracted.
  • The contraction of an infection due to poor hygiene.
  • Dental surgical negligence causing avoidable injuries.

There may be numerous other circumstances in which a dentist could cause harm to their patient due to carelessness or negligence. If affected by this, please speak to our panel of medical negligence lawyers today.

Misdiagnosed Cancer Claims

Cancer is a very serious illness and it is very important that a patient receives a correct diagnosis as early and accurately as possible. Anything less than this could have an adverse effect on the patient’s health and detrimentally affect their chances of making a recovery. If a doctor makes a mistake or error in your diagnosis, such as mistaking the symptoms of cancer for something else when another physician of the same standard would have not mistaken the symptoms and you condition worsened as a result, you could be able to claim compensation for misdiagnosed cancer. If medical negligence has affected your cancer’s treatment causing you unnecessary suffering, our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors could help you to make a misdiagnosed cancer compensation claim.

Statistics For Claims Against NHS Trusts Serving Northumberland

If you need to claim for medical negligence in Northumberland, your claim may be made for harm caused at a hospital (or other facility) under the management of the local NHS trust – the Northumberland Tyne and Wear NHS Trust. We have included statistics collected by the NHS here for claims against the local NHS Trust.

NHS Trust Or Relevant Healthcare AuthorityNo. of claims recievedNo. of reported incidentsCNST Damages Paid
Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust80Fewer than 5 claimants / lower than £5,000.

Hospitals In The Northumberland Region

Sitting on the North-East coast of England, Northumberland is the northernmost English county and borders Scotland and is noted for its large expanses of natural beauty. There are approximately 319,000 residents in the county spread across almost 2,000 square miles. Northumberland is home to several built-up areas such as Alnwick and Morpeth. NHS hospital services are provided by Northumberland Tyne and Wear NHS Trust. As such if you have been affected by NHS negligence, claims for medical negligence in the Northumberland region may be made against said trust. Hospitals in this area include,

NHS Hospitals

  • Wansbeck General Hospital.
  • Morpeth Cottage Hospital.
  • Hexham General Hospital.
  • Alnwick Infirmary.

Private Hospitals In Or Serving Northumberland

  • Nuffield Health Newcastle

Solicitors For Northumberland – No Win No Fee Claims

No Win No Fee is a financial arrangement that a solicitor could offer you. In this arrangement, you may not be required to pay your solicitor upfront.

If they help you successfully claim compensation, they may take a success fee as part of their payment. A success fee is a small percentage of your awarded compensation and is not paid out of pocket. Alternatively, you are not charged any fees for their work after an unsuccessful claim.

You should know that you are not limited to solicitors on Northumberland to make a claim. Solicitors anywhere in the country could potentially help you.

If you would like to receive a free valuation of your claim, please reach out to a member of our team.

Contact Us To Start A Claim

If you or someone you know has been harmed because of negligent actions on the part of a doctor, nurse, dentist or other healthcare practitioner we recommend that you talk to a specialist team as soon as possible and ensure that you begin you claim within the medical negligence claims time limit. Whilst you may previously have thought that you need to use medical negligence solicitors in Northumberland, we hope to have shown that this is not always the case.

You should remember that each case is different and that in many personal injury claims you will not need to go to court.

To learn more about how you could make a personal injury claim, contact our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors to see if you could make a claim.

  • Start your claim now by clicking ‘claim online’ above.
  • Use the number at the top of this article.
  • Fill in the contact form on this page.

Helpful Information For  Northumberland

Below we provide information related to some of the larger healthcare services in Northumberland as well as recommending more of our own resources for victims of negligent medical care.

Northumbria Tyne And Wear NHS Trust
Northumbria Tyne and Wear Healthcare NHS Trust is the main NHS trust operating services in this region.

Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital
Northumbria Way,
NE23 6NZ

Medical Negligence Claims Time Limits
Make sure that you contact a medical negligence solicitor and make your claim within the remaining time using this guide.

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