Poole Medical Negligence Solicitors – No Win No Fee Clinical Lawyers Claims Guide

Medical negligence Poole

Medical negligence Poole

If you are looking for the services of medical negligence solicitors in Poole, you have come to the right place. While our company may not be based in Poole, you will also be pleased to know our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Poole area. This guide has been produced to illustrate the importance of choosing the right medical negligence solicitor for your case regardless of location. We will explain more about the service our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors provides as well. If you still have any queries by the time you finish reading this guide, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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How To Find The Right Clinical Negligence Solicitor For Your Case

To make a successful case, it must be proven that a medical professional or health care practitioner has provided substandard treatment or a service, or through negligence, error or omission has caused a patient harm. There is the personal injury claims time limit to also consider. If you still think you have a personal injury claim, you may need a quality medical negligence lawyer as such cases can be complex to say the least. In this section, we will provide you with advice on finding a personal injury solicitor by giving you a list of questions you might want to ask any medical negligence solicitors before agreeing to use their services.

  • How much experience do you have? You might not want to go for someone that is just starting out, as this could be a risky approach to take. It is crucial that the medical negligence solicitor has dealt with such cases and has a good rate of successful outcomes.
  • What are your areas of specialty? It might not be the best idea to be going for a lawyer that specialises in road traffic accidents if you want to make a claim for dentist malpractice.
  • Have you handled cases similar to mine before? It is often a good idea to get an understanding of the cases the medical negligence lawyer has handled that are similar to yours. This could fill you with confidence.
  • What is your fee structure? You may want to find out how much the solicitor charges. You should also discover what payment structure they work to. It is often better to go for no win no fee medical negligence solicitors, as you will only pay them legal fees if your case is a success if you go for this option.
  • How do I get in touch with you? It is vital to establish effective channels of communication. There is nothing more frustrating than calling your medical negligence solicitor only to discover that he or she never answers their phone.

You Do Not Need To Use A Medical Negligence Solicitor In Poole

A lot of people might believe that they are going to need to use medical negligence solicitors in Poole if they are going to make a medical negligence case. It is understandable that you might assume this, but it’s not true. While our company is not based in Poole, our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Poole area. This is because in today’s digital world services like this are often provided via email and telephone. This means you don’t need to go for the most convenience solicitor; you could choose the best one for you and your case.

Read Reviews Of Solicitors And Law Firms

It is often helpful to read medical negligence solicitors reviews that have been left by people who were once in your position. Their honest opinion could be very useful. However, we advise that you read comments from independent review platforms so you could be sure of their validity.

Your Injuries Could Be Assessed By Our Panel Of Doctors In Poole

While our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors could help you to make a claim, you may need to see a medical expert that is based in Poole. The medical assessment will be arranged by our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors as part of their service and can be arranged in your area. This is because we have connections with medical professionals throughout the country. Some of the medical experts that could be available in Poole include…

Mark Linley-Adams

East House, TNN building

41 Church Road, Parkstone


BH14 0NN

Mark Linley-Adams

BWT Physiotherapy

3 Springfield Road, Parkstone


BH14 0LG

Amrik Singh

42 Commercial Road


BH14 0HU

Claims For Medical Negligence In Poole Our Team Could Handle

Our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors has handled many claims over the years. Below, we will take a look at some examples to give you a better understanding. If you could not see the type of negligence you experienced, please do not worry. Call the contact number at the end of this guide and an advisor will be able to assist you.

Negligent Surgical Care

All patients should receive a minimum standard when it comes to healthcare. Under going surgery in itself can have its own risks and there could be associated risk factors with specific surgeries however there is a clear difference between a potential risk and negligence that causes harm. Some examples could include performing the wrong type of operation, surgeries that have not been executed correctly, wrong site surgery, organ damage during surgery, retained surgical instruments, and the incorrect sterilisation of instruments leading to an infection.

Negligence Leading To Birth Injuries

Negligence during child birth could possibly cause injuries to the mother and also the baby. Such incidents could be extremely traumatic, and could sometimes result in life-long problems. Some examples of birth trauma, injury or illness could include failure to recognise that a mother or baby is in distress and oxygen supply is a major issue, not diagnosing medical issues and providing the right treatment to prevent any deterioration, and failure to take measures to help prevent preterm labour. All of these situations could have devastating consequences but the key here is if the harm that may have been suffered could have been avoided if the right procedures and treatment had of been in place then negligence maybe present. We recognise that these cases could be very sensitive and complex to conduct that is why we only offer competent solicitors who specialise in birth trauma injuries to these cases.

Negligence At A Hospital

In addition to the cases that have already been mentioned, our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors could help if you have experienced medical treatment that was negligent which caused you harm while in hospital. We have already discussed mistakes that could possibly be made during surgery and birth negligence cases. Other examples of hospital negligence may include;

  • MRSA due to unhygienic practices.
  • Misdiagnosis of a condition which allows the illness to worsen.
  • Prescription errors, being prescribed the wrong medication which causes adverse ill health effects.

Negligence At A Care Home

In these cases, you could typically be making the claim on behalf of a loved one who is not in a position to do so themselves because they are too unwell. No matter whether this is your situation or not, we could assist. Our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Poole area and could offer advice on whether the case you may have is valid and you are eligible to pursue a claim. From medication mistakes to patient abuse or neglecting standards, all could possible amount to care home negligence.

Negligence By A GP

When you are not very well, your first port of call could be your GP. GP’s have the responsibility of either diagnosing a condition and treating it, or sending a patient for further testing, transferring a patient to see a specialist and so on and so forth. If a patient is not transferred for specialist treatment when needed their condition could worsen and they could either suffer further ill effects or new onset illnesses. It is vital that patients receive adequate care and treatment when visiting a GP so that any illnesses that are present can be treated as early as possible.

Negligence By A Dentist

Aside from the situations that have already been discussed, our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors could assist with dental negligence claims.

Examples of potential dental negligence could compile of;

  • Wrong tooth extraction.
  • Incorrect root canal.
  • Damage to healthy teeth.

Negligent Cancer Care Or Misdiagnosis

When there is a cancer misdiagnosis, this means you might not receive the treatment you need, as quickly as you need it, and this could be very worrying for anyone who is unwell. As most people may know, cancer can be a very destructive disease, and it could grow at a rapid pace. This is why quick treatment is so important. If cancer is not diagnosed when a person presents such symptoms to a doctor or is not sent for diagnostic testing when symptoms they have may reflect serious illnesses then the chance to catch an illness before it progresses could be slim. If cancer is diagnosed in the first stages the prognosis is much better than if it is allowed to spread and develop.

If you have any questions regarding a misdiagnosis then the number at the bottom of this guide maybe of use to you. There is no obligation with just calling and you may have questions that may need answering.

Poole NHS Trusts Clinical Negligence Statistics

To get a better understanding of the number of medical negligence incidents in Poole, please refer to the table below. Please note this is only for NHS trusts. Private hospital data is not available.

Healthcare providerClaims received 17/18Number of incidents 17/18CNST Damages Paid
Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust38*£4,475 361

No Win No Fee Solicitors For Medical Negligence Cases In Poole

When you work with us, you could be sure that our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors work on a no win no fee basis. This means that you only need to pay legal fees to them if your case is a success. If it is not successful, you won’t have to pay them anything. This could give you complete peace of mind, ensuring you have nothing to worry about.

Hospitals And Clinics In Poole

There are many different hospitals and clinics in the Poole area, including…

  • Poole Hospital
  • Alderney Hospital
  • BMI The Harbour Hospital
  • Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust
  • St Ann’s Hospital
  • St Mary’s Maternity Unit

How To Start Your Medical Negligence Claim

Our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Poole area, meaning you don’t need medical negligence solicitors in Poole. If you have had medical treatment that was negligent and it harmed you in some way you can speak to our experts today to have your case assessed. You can reach us between 8 am and 9 pm, any day of the week, on 0800 652 3087.


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