Preston Medical Negligence Solicitors – No Win No Fee Lawyers Claims Guide

Medical negligence Preston

Medical negligence Preston

Medical negligence can be defined in different ways for this guide we are looking at negligence or substandard treatment from medical professionals or care workers that is given to patients which leads to harm, injury or the worsening of a current condition. Are you looking for medical negligence solicitors in Preston? This guide may offer another solution for you, Medical Negligence Assist can provide a panel of expert medical negligence solicitors that have the expertise and knowledge base to deal with any kind of clinical negligence whether it be dental neglect or care home abuse.

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How To Choose Which Solicitor To Handle Your Medical Negligence Claim

Searching the web can bring up lots of results for a very similar thing, so how is a person looking for medical negligence solicitors in Preston or the rest of the UK to know who to choose in order to help them with their medical negligence claim? Here, we provide some advice on selecting a personal injury solicitor to assist with your claim.

  • Look for someone who has a track record – Choosing someone to represent your interests that has not experienced the ins and outs of medical negligence cases may not be a great idea as mistakes that might come from inexperience could jeopardise your chances of getting the maximum level of compensation that your claim should be settled at.
  • Look for someone who has people recommending them – If a medical negligence lawyer has good reviews that all say similar things about their experience with the lawyer, then this might put your mind at rest as to whether they’re worth speaking to. Independent review sites are often a good place to start.
  • Look for someone who works no win no fee – A no win no fee personal injury lawyer works by way of an agreement that you and they sign at the beginning of your case to agree a percentage of your compensation that should be paid as legal fees to your medical negligence solicitor once settlement has been made. This is usually a wise idea, as you wouldn’t be risking your own funds to make a case.

Should I Claim For Medical Malpractice With A Local Solicitor?

It would not be unreasonable for some people to assume that they need to seek medical negligence solicitors in Preston for incidents that have happened in the locality, but this is not actually the case. Our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Preston area, and could easily work on your case from anywhere else in the country. They can do so by email, telephone, or even video calling in some cases. The days of having to choose medical negligence experts that are solely confined to your geographic area are gone. Now you have the benefit of being able to choose from medical negligence solicitors based all across the country, and you can choose the one that you feel best aligns with your case.

Read Testimonials And Recommendations Of A Solicitor

You may have seen independent review sites when you were looking for home services, such as plumbers etc, but they also exist for medical negligence solicitors reviews. It might well be worth looking at these sites to read what people have said about the person that handled their negligence case, in order to see if you feel that you could work with that person. Perhaps you might leave your own review on the site you used to help others in your position once your case is over.

Our Expert Panel Of Doctors Covering Preston Could Assess Your Injury

Of course, you may, as part of your claim, be required to see an independent expert who can speak to you, in some cases examine you, and fill in a report that could be used as part of your claim. Unlike our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors, these reports cannot always be completed remotely, and you would likely not want to have to travel too far to see one. Below are just a few local medical experts that our panel of expert medical solicitors could potentially arrange appointments with, as there are plenty in the area.

Vikesh Kashyap

9 Winckley Street



Adrian Thomson

11 Moor Park Avenue



Simon Briggs

The Guttridge Medical Centre
Deepdale Road



Find Out More About Different Types Of Claims

If you have experienced medical negligence, our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors could assist. To give you an idea of the types of cases we could help you with, in the below sections we have included examples of possible clinical negligence cases. If your type of negligence isn’t mentioned, please do contact our team and we shall talk through your case with you.

GP / Doctors Medical Malpractice

Since your GP may often be the first port of call when you fall ill, they are the access point if further investigations and treatments are needed. If your GP has delayed a diagnosis as they did not take note of your symptoms or failed to examine you properly and your illness got worse, then you could possibly begin a claim. GP’s maybe overwhelmed by the sheer volume of patients as lists are getting longer and more and more is being expected. GP’s have a huge responsibility as they are the ones who must diagnose or refer a patient if a diagnosis needs a specialist. So if GP’s fail to pick up on serious symptoms conditions could go untreated.

Negligent Hospital Treatment

Hospitals especially those that have accident and emergency departments never close. If a patient has suffered an injury or has fallen ill they can receive medical treatment no matter what day it is or even what time it maybe. Without hospitals we would have no where for our sick and ill to be treated when a GP has done all they can. Hospitals provide services around the clock. As we rely on hospitals for so much if they do get things wrong then harm could be caused. To prove hospital negligence it must be established that a medical practitioners’ duty of care has been breached and that the substandard care that has been provided has caused a patient to be injured.

Surgical Errors And Mistakes

All types of surgery come with some form of risk to the patient, which is why consent forms are signed before you are treated in many cases. You should have risks explained to you before surgery for this reason. If a surgical mistake happens that causes some sort of harm it is important that such an injury is not associated with the potential risks. Examples of surgical negligence may include; surgery on the wrong limb, insufficient sterilisation or instruments which leads to infection, wrong site surgery, perforation of healthy organs.  These are just a few examples of what could happen if standards are allowed to slip. If you’ve been injured or a medical condition has worsened because of surgical error, then our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Preston area.

Dental Negligence Claims

Many are unaware that dental negligence could be claimed in the same way as medical negligence. Whether you’ve had the wrong tooth taken out, signs of infection were not spotted and your condition worsened, or you were prescribed the wrong treatment which caused you to become ill our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors could assist with determining if you are eligible to claim.

Negligent Birth Injuries

If you have suffered due to birth injuries that were caused due to the negligence of the medical practitioners present at the birth of your child no matter where you are based, our panel of medical negligence solicitors could assist. Birth injuries can range from a baby suffering cuts and bruises due to forceps delivery to hypoxia which could eventually lead to cerebral palsy. The latter of the two being a life long illness that can massively reduce any quality in life and the child may need around the clock care.

If you have any questions in regards to birth injuries why not call Medical Negligence Assist, the number is at the bottom of the guide and if after a quick assessment the advisors feel you have a valid case they will provide a medical negligence expert from our panel of solicitors.

Negligent Care Home Compensation Claims

A medical negligence solicitor could also assist with care home negligence. As we age, some of us need more care than what could be given at home and therefore the decision could be made to move an elderly person to a care home. While many UK care homes are well-rated by the CQC, if standards slip negligence could occur. If standards of care are not sufficient and a loved one has been injured as a result or a medical condition has been allowed to worsen due to symptoms being left untreated a claim for care home negligence may exist. Our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Preston area and as long as you are within the personal injury claims time limit and have a valid case they could start your claim right away. You can call us to find out whether you are within the time frame for claiming.

Delayed Diagnosis Of Cancer

Cancer is well-known for being a disease that could spread quickly, so delays in treatment or misdiagnoses could mean a condition could potentially progress. In terms of treatment, if a patient were prescribed the wrong medicine, then this could also make their condition worse as the current condition is not being treated. In some cases, incorrect or late cancer treatment could lead to a patient becoming gravely ill.

If you have any queries at all with regards to cancer misdiagnosis please do not hesitate to call.

Greater Preston Area Medical Negligence Claims Statistics

In terms of statistics regarding medical negligence claims in the Preston area, we’ve collated some information from the NHS. Unfortunately, private statistics are not available for us to show here.

Trust in QuestionClaims received 17/18Incidents in 17/18CNST Damages
Lancashire Care Foundation Trust19*£239, 859
Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust8613£11, 683 866

Greater Preston Area Hospitals

There are many hospitals and medical practices in the area that you could be treated at. The main hospitals are:

  • Royal Preston Hospital
  • Greater Lancashire Hospital
  • Lancashire Care Foundation Trust
  • Mount Street Hospital
  • Fulwood Hall Hospital


No Win No Fee Clinical Malpractice Solicitors Covering Preston

You might be pleased to hear that our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors work as no win no fee lawyers. This ensures you do not risk any of your own money making a claim. If you are given compensation, a percentage of this will go towards legal fees, whereas if your claim is not successful you would not be required to pay the legal fees of your solicitor. We’re always happy to talk about this no win no fee service and explain in more detail. Just call us if you would like to know more.

Start Your Claim Today

Beginning your claims starts with just a phone call to 0800 652 3087, where you’ll be able to talk to one of our team about what has happened to you. We will be happy to ascertain whether we feel you have a claim, and then help to take it forward for you. Why not get in touch today?

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