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Medical negligence Solihull

Medical negligence Solihull

To be eligible to make a claim for medical negligence a person must have received substandard care from a medical professional or healthcare provider and through error, negligence or omission the same person in question will have suffered harm, illness, injury or worsening of a current condition. Are you looking for medical negligence solicitors in Solihull? Medical Negligence Assist could help you to find the right medical negligence solicitor to handle your claim.

Medical and clinical negligence claims can involve complex medical circumstances, complicated legal and medical jargon and what may be complicated processes. The injuries involved could be simple or they could have a very serious effect on the claimant. As such, it is important to ensure that you get the right help and assistance in making a claim for medical negligence in Solihull. This is where a specialist solicitor could help.

To learn more about how a specialist solicitor could help you to claim compensation due to negligent harm caused by a healthcare provider in this area, or elsewhere in the UK, view the guide below.

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How To Find Clinical Negligence Specialist Solicitors

Once your immediate healthcare needs are being met your thoughts may turn towards beginning a personal injury claim against the healthcare provider for harming you. The first step in this process is to find a clinical negligence solicitor to conduct your claim. To have the best chance of making a successful claim, it is advised to ensure that your personal injury solicitor is experienced in conducting this type of claim.

These are some simple steps which you could take to find a medical negligence lawyer.

  • Check if they are experienced in conducting this type of claim.
  • Check how many recent cases have had a successful outcome.
  • Ask how they communicate and how frequently as you will want updates.
  • Ask if they could offer you a no win no fee agreement.
  • Do not worry about where they are based.

Should I Check Solihull Medical Negligence Solicitor Reviews?

Medical negligence solicitors reviews, testimonials and success stories may all be useful ways for you to learn more about the way in which different solicitors provide their services to people. They can also be helpful in comparing medical negligence solicitors. You can see if people generally have a positive attitude to the service which they provide and how those services are provided. Talking to people who have experience in using solicitors and getting recommendations can also be helpful in making your decision.

However, by talking to a solicitor you could better understand the services which they may be able to provide to you and how these may be provided.

Is The Right Solicitor For My Claim Based In Solihull?

When choosing a medical negligence solicitor it is important to prioritise what you want, it is important that any solicitor you choose specialises in medical negligence and also the area of your case such as dental negligence or care home negligence. Checking what experience and knowledge the solicitor has is also key. When it comes to location that may not be of importance as very rarely will you need to meet with your solicitor as all correspondents will be done through telephone calls, emails and the postal service. Whilst there are medical negligence solicitors in Solihull who could conduct your claim, their location does not automatically make them the right person or law firm to handle your case.

Today many claims can be dealt with on a remote basis without any negative effect on the outcome of the claim. Our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors are can help those nationwide. What is more critical to your claim is not where a solicitor is located, but what experience they have in dealing with such claims.

Clinical Negligence Claims In Solihull Our Panel Of Experts Could Conduct

Medical negligence is when a healthcare provider or medical practitioner causes unnecessary harm to a patient due to negligent treatment or service. Healthcare providers and medical professionals have a duty of care to provide patients with a service that will not cause avoidable illness or injury.

Examples of medical negligence cases our panel of experts could conduct are as follows;

  • Medical misdiagnosis. This describes circumstances where a doctor has not clearly or correctly diagnosed a condition and a patients illness has gotten worse.
  • Surgical errors and mistakes in pre or post-operative care causing harm.
  • Errors in the prescription or dispensing of medications causing adverse effects.
  • Errors, mistakes, and negligence in the provision of prenatal, childbirth or postnatal care causing expectant mother or baby harm.

Our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors could provide advice in regards to the validity of any medical negligence claim and tell you who may be liable for damages.

Our Panel Of Doctors Could Carry Out Your Medical Examination

In addition to our panel of medical negligence solicitors who could cover the Solihull area, we also have a panel of expert doctors who are able to carry out medical examinations. At the beginning of the claims process your solicitor may ask to view your medical records. This will allow them to assess your case and determine whether they need additional medical evidence, such as your injury or your illness being reexamined by an expert witness. Our nationwide panel of doctors may provide that expert evidence and serve as a medical witness in your claim. The evidence from their examination of your illness/injury could further support and strengthen your case. It may also help us to illustrate what impact the negligent treatment had on you.

Our local experts include

Richard Fotiadis
Birmingham Business Park,
Unit 4200, Waterside Centre,
Solihull Pkwy,
Birmingham Business Park,
B37 7YN

Masroor Ahmad
Broad Oaks
394 Warwick Road,
B91 1BB

Shams Tabraiz (MedCo GP)
Crowne Plaza. Solihull.
61 Homer Road
B91 3QD

Surgical Errors Or Malpractice

When  undertaking any type of surgery the surgeon will go over the procedure and determine any risks associated with the surgery. In most occasions you will sigh a consent form to go ahead with the procedure. Although you have signed this form it does not mean that if you were harmed due to negligence or error that you are exempt from pursuing a claim for damages. Some of the worst forms of surgical negligence are termed ‘never events’, these are incidents which should never happen.

Examples of when negligence might be present during surgery may include;

  • Operations being performed on the wrong site or the wrong operation being carried out.
  • Surgical objects being left inside the surgical site.
  • The perforation of organs or internal tissues.
  • Procedures which leave unexpected disfigurement and scarring, such as in cosmetic surgery.
  • Illness caused by a lack of proper hygiene.

Negligence During Childbirth

Negligence may be the last thing you may think of when it comes to child birth but if an error happens or a medical mistake it may have severe consequences not only for the expectant mother but also for the unborn baby. Below we have compiled examples of possible negligence during pregnancy and child birth;

  • Incorrect diagnosis of  diabetes which leads to complications, misdiagnosis of pre-eclampsia causing the expectant mother to suffer unnecessarily, and  delayed diagnosis of ruptures of the uterus causing severe effects.
  • Injuries sustained during the birth/ labour. These may include avoidable tears to the mother or even forms of palsy suffered by the baby during forceps deliveries.
  • Problems suffered by the baby after a traumatic delivery, such as hip dysplasia.

For more advice on any of the circumstances mentioned above do not hesitate to get in touch the number is at the bottom of this guide .

Hospital Clinical Negligence

As a whole, every 36 hours the National Health Service treats as many as one million people. In the year 2015/ 16 the NHS carried out 10.119 million operations. This figure represents a substantial rise from a decade ago. Accident and Emergency departments treated more than 23 million people in the same period. In addition, the overall number of admissions to hospitals has risen in the last decade. With such increased pressures along with staff shortages it is not hard to see how exhaustive staff could make an error. Doctors and medical staff are human like the rest of us and we all make mistakes. If you were harmed due to the way in which your medical care at a hospital has been provided to you, our panel of medical negligence solicitors who can cover the Solihull area could help you by calling the number at the bottom of the page you can find out if you are eligible for compensation damages.

Dental Malpractice

Below is a compiled list of possible errors or mistakes that could happen when receiving dental treatment.

  • Having the wrong tooth removed/ extracted.
  • Errors in the administration of anesthetics.
  • Surgical errors causing nerve damage.
  • The failure to diagnose and/ or to treat gum disease
  • Not identifying mouth cancers.
  • Negligence during orthodontic care causing harm.
  • Poorly performed dental procedures or the use of incorrect techniques causing harm.
  • Poorly carried out root canal treatments which leads to unnecessary repeated treatment.
  • Errors in the extraction of a wisdom tooth causing injury.

If you have been harmed in any of these ways, please talk to us today.

Suffered From GP Negligence?

GP’s or general practice doctors are at the frontline of the provision of healthcare in the UK. They are often the first place contacted by people with health concerns. A lot of trust is placed in GP’s as they are relied upon to determine what condition a person may be suffering from and what treatment or specialist examinations and referrals may be required.

Here are examples of possible GP negligence;

  • Not fully or properly examining you there fore not identifying the issue and allowing the condition to worsen due to no treatment.
  • Misdiagnosing your illness or not correctly interpreting the results of a medical test therefore not treating the current condition allowing it to get worse.
  • Prescribing you the wrong medicine which causes you ill health.

If you suffered from GP negligence in these or other circumstances, contact our panel of experts today.

Care Home Negligence Claims

In 2012/ 2013 there were 112,000 reports alleging the abuse of vulnerable adults in England. Neglect was reported in 27% of these cases or 37,000 instances. Allegations involving care homes totalled 36% or 40,000 cases.

Care home negligence claims could involve the following circumstances.

  • Not taking action to prevent sores (such as bed sores) by regularly helping a resident/ patient to move.
  • Not treating bed sores allowing them to worsen.
  • Incorrect administration of medicines causing ill health.
  • Harm which has been caused by failures in staff training.
  • Failures to monitor those with mental illnesses inturn not having their condition treated.
  • Not helping those who require assistance with eating and/ or drinking allowing them to deteriorate due to lack of nourishment.
  • Not installing or providing sufficient safety or mobility equipment causing patients to constantly fall.
  • Injuries caused to a patient when moving them through negligent and abusive care.
  • Poor nursing care which causes the patients/ residents health to deteriorate.

Cancer Misdiagnosis

In the case of cancers, diagnostic errors could mean that the patient requires a much more aggressive form of treatment than otherwise they could have needed. For some patients, it could seriously impact their overall ability to recovery and could shorten their lifespan. Negligent cancer treatment could take the following forms.

  • Receiving a late diagnosis as diagnostics tests where not done by the GP as soon as symptoms appeared.
  • Not being transferred to a specialist when needed as the condition was misdiagnosed at first.
  • The correct cancer treatment was not given straightaway.

If you have been affected in any of these ways, a personal injury lawyer specialising in medical negligence may be able to assist you.

Midlands Hospitals And NHS Trust Medical Negligence Statistics

NHS Resolution is a part of the NHS which deals with compensation cases and incidences of negligence. The organisation publishes annual statistics for the rate of reported cases of medical negligence reported to both Clinical Commissioning Groups and NHS Trusts, as well as the value of payments made by those bodies in the same period.

In this table we have included data for NHS Trusts operating in or serving this part of the West Midlands.

NHS Trust2017/ 18 - volume of claims recieved2017/ 18 - volume of reported incidentsCNST Damages Paid
Birmingham & Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust5*613,660
University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust61187,888,500
Birmingham Women's and Children's NHS Foundation Trust48912,450,033
West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust13*402,278

Solihull Hospitals And Clinical Services

Solihull is both a large town as well as a metropolitan borough in the West Midlands. It is part of the wider West Midlands Conurbation. The city and borough sits just southeast of Birmingham and as such, there is overlap in the provision of medical services between the city of and borough Solihull as well as some Birmingham services. Larger medical services in this area include these NHS and private facilities.

NHS Hospitals

  • Solihull hospital.
  • Birmingham Heartlands Hospital.
  • Birmingham & Solihull Mental Health Trust.
  • Meadow Centre.

Private Hospitals

  • Spire Parkway Hospital.
  • Midlands Eye.
  • Bupa Health Centre Solihull.
  • FUE Clinics.

No Win No Fee Clinical Negligence Solicitors Covering Solihull

A common concern among those claiming compensation for any form of personal injury, such as medical negligence, is how they will fund the claim and any legal costs incurred. Claims involving cases of negligent medical care can be more complex to conduct and may take longer to do so than other personal injury claims. This may leave people wondering how they will be able to pay for their personal injury lawyer. This is where no win no fee services come in.

If you are making a claim through a no win no fee agreement you will not be expected to have to make any payments towards your solicitors costs until the case has been won. This means that whatever your current financial circumstances you can assess the services of medical negligence specialists. If you are offered this type of agreement by a solicitor it also usually means that they are very confident that you have solid grounds to make a claim and that you are likely to be successful in doing so. After all, their fee will depend upon this.

How Do I Begin My Claim?

The easiest way in which to begin the claims process is to get in contact either with medical negligence solicitors in Solihull or those which cover claims in this area. Remember, you are not limited to using solicitors based here and our nationwide panel of experts could help you to make a successful claim.

For further advice on what to do after being harmed by negligent treatment or healthcare, you could contact our team by calling 0800 652 3087 or begin the claims process by clicking ‘claim online’ above and fill in the initial details of your claim above.

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