Somerset Medical Negligence Solicitors – No Win No Fee Claims Lawyers Guide

Medical negligence Somerset

Medical negligence Somerset

If you have been the victim of  medical negligence in the Somerset area you may be searching for medical negligence solicitors in Somerset who could help you to make a claim. In this guide we show you why you may not need to claim with those based in your area.

You may have received substandard treatment during the birth of a child, or need to make a claim against a dentist anywhere in this county or elsewhere in the country. Our team understands that in some situations there is no amount of compensation which could make up for the harm caused. But making a successful personal injury claim with a medical negligence solicitor could secure you compensation to help with costs such as additional medical treatment or other care you need. You could even be compensated for lost income.

We work with a panel of solicitors to conduct your claim and a panel of doctors who could carry out your medical exam. Our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Somerset area and could help you.

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How Best To Choose A Solicitor Covering Somerset

Picking a personal injury lawyer or solicitor to handle your claim is probably the most important step you can take. This will be the person responsible for gathering evidence making your claim and ultimately who could have a big impact as to whether you are awarded compensation and if so, how much. Thus you need to make sure they are the right person for the job.

There are several simple steps which you could take to help you choose who to handle your claim.

  1. You don’t necessarily look at where they are based. Geographical location is generally not important to the claims process.
  2. Look at how much experience that they have in conducting similar cases.
  3. Look at medical negligence solicitors reviews of them or their practice.
  4. Talk to them and check you feel comfortable with them handling your claim.

Will I Have To Limit My Search To Medical Negligence Solicitors In Somerset?

Whilst it may seem like the right choice to search for Somerset medical negligence solicitors, you may find that you harm your chances of making a successful claim by only searching for a solicitor in your local area. Whilst there may be many competent solicitors close to you, they may still not be the best or most experienced person to handle your case. Instead, we recommend that your solicitors qualifications and experience are prioritised over where their office is based.

Assessments Of Your Injuries Could Be Carried Out By Doctors From Our Panel

If you have been harmed due to medical negligence, your solicitor may ask you to have a medical examination. Whilst you do not need to search for or use ‘medical negligence solicitors in my area’ you may prefer to have a medical examination in this area. As such, we work with a panel of doctors across Somerset.

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Look At Somerset Medical Negligence Solicitor Reviews

If you are searching for or choosing between different products of services you may often consult reviews written by those who have used that service or product. Reviews can help us better understand how a product or service will be provided to us and could help you make a more informed choice.

In addition to this, we also recommend discussing your options with our team. They could help you to understand how a solicitor could help you and fully explain the services which they may provide.

Clinical Negligence Claims Which Could Be Made In The UK

There are numerous different circumstances in which a medical professional whose care you are under could act negligently and make a mistake or error causing you an injury which may otherwise have been avoided. The substandard care could have been provided by your local GP or dentist. It may have occurred at a regional hospital and you could have been under the care of either the NHS or a private healthcare company.

Whilst private medical care or NHS negligence could arise in any circumstances, some may be seen more often. These may be,

  • Negligence in oncology.
  • Mistakes in surgery.
  • Issues arising from poor nursing home care.
  • Maternity, birth or postnatal care.
  • Negligent care by GP’s.
  • Dental negligence.

In the following sections we examine just some of the different circumstances in which you may need to make a claim in Somerset for clinical negligence.

Surgery Negligence Compensation

If you have had to undergo a surgical procedure (or are expecting to need an operation) you will know that it is generally for a medically necessary reason,unless for an elective cosmetic procedure. If something has gone wrong during your surgery due to a member of the surgical team making an error which could have been avoided you may be able to make a surgery negligence compensation claim.

As a surgical patient you have certain rights.

  • You have the right to be fully informed about what the surgery will entail.
  • The benefits and risks of surgery should be explained to you fully.
  • You should be properly anesthetized.
  • Surgery should be carried out in accordance with best practice guidelines.
  • Your health should be properly managed before, during and after the surgery.

If these rights have been breached our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors could help you to claim. Remember, you do not necessarily need to claim with medical negligence solicitors in Somerset.

Birth Trauma’s And Injuries

Those who need to make a claim in Somerset for medical negligence could have been harmed at any stage of their pregnancy. If a medical professional makes a mistake which could have been avoided at any stage of a pregnancy the mother or the baby could be harmed as a result. A clinical negligence birth injury could happen during antenatal care, during the delivery of the baby, or postnatally (straight after the birth). Over these periods the mother and newborn baby may receive care from different medical professionals. Mothers and babies may be cared for by a midwife, a GP, radiologist or other specialist. Care could also be provided at different locations including a GP surgery, local clinic or hospital.

If you have been affected by a clinical negligence birth injury, you could have grounds to claim compensation. Talk to a personal injury solicitor today to see if you are able to claim compensation.

Negligence Claims Against Dentists

Negligence claims could be made against a dentist if they have caused you significant harm. If a dentist makes an avoidable mistake the effects could have a serious impact on you. You may be left with cosmetic damage to your mouth or jaw, you may contract an illness or you could suffer serious medical harm. The damage may be physical, psychological or both. If gum disease is not correctly diagnosed or if orthodontics are not fitted correctly they could have a serious and negative effect on your health.

If you were harmed in any way due to a mistake by your dentist which could reasonably have been avoided, talk to a medical negligence lawyer or solicitor today.

Cancer Medical Negligence Compensation

Cancer medical negligence compensation claims are some of the most serious circumstances in which people need to make a claim. Patients who either have or are suspected of having cancer need to receive a quick referral, be sent for testing or have their treatment started as soon as possible. For some, this may be the difference between recovery and not recovering.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellent (NICE) has clear guidelines for dealing with suspected or confirmed cases of cancer in a patient. Under NHS guidelines, patients suspected of having cancer or who have a confirmed case have the right to be urgently treated. Cancer medical negligence compensation claims could be made for

  • Mistakes in the process of carrying out tests or the misinterpretation of the results of a test.
  • Delays in getting referrals, testing or treatments.
  • Failing to have a referral.
  • Avoidably delays to getting surgery or other necessary treatment.
  • Mistakes or errors in communicating with a patient, such as failing to communicate the risks of surgery or of a course of treatment.

Claims For Clinical Negligence By Doctors

Instances of clinical negligence by doctors working in a GP surgery could both happen in a variety of different circumstances and affect patients in numerous different ways. Some of these may be quite serious. If a GP fails to meet what are considered reasonable standards of care your recovery could be seriously hindered and you may be caused additional harm as a result. Clinical negligence by doctors could present as failures in treatment or misdiagnosis. Errors could also be made in dispensing prescriptions. A patient may have a bad reaction to medication and their recovery may be delayed. Any of these could lead to a patient being placed on the wrong treatment pathway. As we have already seen, with diseases such as cancer, this could have very serious consequences for the patient.

Negligence Cases In Nursing Homes

Negligence cases in nursing homes can take many forms. In general nursing homes or care homes should be expected to provide residents with a very high standard of care. They should also adhere to any clinical care guidelines as well as those issued by the industry itself. Residents should be placed in a safe environment and have their medical needs met. Our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors could help you in circumstances such as,

  • Prescription errors or errors in dispensing medication to a resident.
  • Errors in medical care.
  • Allowing a patient to contract an infection(s) due to lack of infection control or basic hygiene.
  • Cases of malnutrition or serious dehydration.
  • For bed sores/ pressure sores. These could happen if a resident is left lying down or seated for a long period of time.

Because there is a medical negligence claims time limit in which your claim must be started, we recommend that you talk to a personal injury solicitor at the earliest possible opportunity.

Somerset Hospital Negligence

Whether you were under the care of the NHS or being treated at a private hospital, if you have been harmed due to negligent care a medical negligence solicitor could help you to make a hospital negligence claim. Negligent medical care, such as that leading to Somerset hospital birth trauma’s, may have aggravated an existing medical condition. You may also have experienced unnecessary suffering or sustained a long term injury.

Some examples of Somerset medical negligence at a hospital are,

  • Generally substandard levels of care in medication, attention or even nutrition.
  • Failures to correctly monitor patients health.
  • Being prescribed the wrong medication.
  • Negligence in the delivery of a child.
  • Negligence in surgery.

If you have been affected by negligence in either a private hospital in Somerset or at an NHS facility operated by Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust talk to our team to discuss your options.

Data For Claims Made Against NHS Trusts In The County Of Somerset

Above we have looked at some of the most frequent reasons for which someone may need to make a medical negligence claim. But, how often do such circumstances arise in Somerset? As medical and clinical services are provided by different NHS trusts, Clinical Commissioning Groups and private practices it is difficult to get a full picture of the rates of either NHS negligence or private healthcare negligence. Data which is available from the NHS does look at the number of claims made against NHS Trusts operating in this area. We have used this publicly available information to create the following table.

NHS Trust Or Relevant Healthcare AuthorityNo. of claims recievedNo. of reported incidentsCNST Damages Paid
Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust6*52,447
Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust25*8,052,605

Hospitals In The County Of Somerset

Sitting in England’s South West and bordering Dorset, Somerset is a large county spread across more than 1,600 square miles. Somerset is home to almost a million residents (956,700) living in locations such as Bath, Wells and Taunton.

With a large population there is a corresponding number of medical facilities in the county including these hospital facilities.

NHS Services

  • Yeovil District Hospital.
  • Musgrove Park Hospital.
  • Bridgwater Hospital.

Private Healthcare

  • Cygnet Hospital Taunton.
  • Nuffield Health Taunton.

Our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Somerset area and could help you claim compensation for Somerset hospital negligence, such as birth trauma.

Claim No Win No Fee Compensation For Medical Negligence

If you are at the start of the personal injury claims process you may wish to find out if you could claim no win no fee with a medical negligence solicitor. In the majority of instances you may be able to make a claim on a no win no fee basis. Technically known as a Conditional Fee Agreement, this a way to fund a personal injury claim, without having to take on any financial risks.

When you are awarded compensation you could then pay the medical negligence lawyers fees from this. In the event that you are not awarded compensation, you will not be required to make any payments to the solicitor (or their team).

Contact Our Expert Team

We hope to have shown you that you do not have to claim compensation with medical negligence solicitors in Somerset and that our nationwide panel of solicitors could help you. Contact our team today and we could check that you are within the medical negligence claims time limit as well as use a personal injury claims calculator to estimate how much compensation you may be entitled to.

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Somerset Medical Services And Guides

In this guide we have provided some essential information about medical negligence claims in Somerset. Below we also include selected references from our site which may further help you as well as select healthcare services in Somerset.

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Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust – This trust administers healthcare services at hospitals across Somerset.

Musgrove Park Hospital

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