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Medical negligence Stevenage

Medical negligence Stevenage

Have you suffered due to medical or clinical negligence? Are you looking for medical negligence solicitors in Stevenage? Why not trust our panel of medical negligence solicitors who can cover the Stevenage area. This guide is going to explain why you don’t need to hire a local medical negligence lawyer and then it’ll provide tips about what to look for when selecting the best solicitor for you to help you with your case.

Our expert panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Stevenage area and could help you to begin a claim today.  If you’re ready to begin, please call on 0800 652 3087 and discuss how to proceed with a specialist advisor.

If you want to read more about how to choose a medical negligence solicitor first, then please read on.

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Choosing A Solicitor To Help You Make A Medical Negligence Claim

As with many important decisions you’ll make in life, asking a friend, colleague or family member for advice can be a useful starting point.  The same can be said when reading reviews.   In this guide, we’ll explain what else you might want to do to ensure you get the right help with your personal injury claim.

We’ll attempt to answer some important questions in this article such as:

  • “Do medical negligence claims go to court?”
  • “What is the clinical negligence claims process?”
  • “Do I need to use medical negligence solicitors in my area?”

While we can’t really answer questions like, “What is the average birth injury settlement”, our advisors can provide an estimated compensation amount once you’ve explained the injuries sustained when you speak to them in a free, no-obligation, consultation.

Before any of that is done, do you know on what basis you can make a medical negligence claim?  Well, the first point is that you have to have suffered an illness, an injury or your existing condition has to have been made worse and this has to have happened due to substandard care provided by a medical specialist.  If both of these points are true in your case, you might want to contact a personal injury solicitor to begin a claim.

If you think you would like to claim, contact a solicitor as early as possible.  There is a medical negligence claims time limit of 3 years for personal injury claims there are exceptions so please call our team for more information. This might seem like a long time, but your solicitor might need to gather medical evidence to support your claim. This can be a timely process, so don’t leave claiming until the last minute.

Do Medical Negligence Claims Need To Be Conducted By A Local Solicitor?

There’s no need to use a local solicitor to conduct a claim in this day and age.  Any communication between you and your solicitor can be done over the phone or email and sometimes using the postal service.  We advise picking a solicitor on their credentials rather than their location.

In the next section, we’ll provide information of medical specialists in the Stevenage area that we can use if you need to undergo a medical assessment as part of your claim.  This means, as well as not having to travel to meet your solicitor, you won’t need to travel far for any medical appointment that’s required.

Assessments Of Your Injury Could Be Conducted In The Stevenage Area

As mentioned in the previous section, here are some of the specialist medical assessors that we could send you to in the Stevenage area:

Kaleem Siddiqui
Holiday Inn Express,
Stevenage, SG1 1XB.

Sola Osindero,
Stevenage Clinic,
265 Chells Way,
Stevenage, SG2 0HN.

Rajesh Rachha
Stevenage, SG1 1XB.

Could Recommendations Help You Choose Which Solicitor To Claim With?

There are two things that will help you when choosing a solicitor to help you make your claim:

  • Reading medical negligence solicitor’s reviews.
  • Speaking with the solicitor directly.

Reviews can offer a great starting point and allow you to see how satisfied previous clients were.  The next step has to be speaking with the solicitor as this will be the only way you can ask them any questions you might have about their service.  Our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors are always happy to speak with potential clients and answer any questions they might have.

Medical Negligence Case Examples

Over the next few sections of this guide, we’re going to provide some medical negligence case examples so that you can see the types of negligent acts which could lead to compensation claims.  Broad examples of negligence might include gross negligence during surgery, medical negligence leading to a missed cancer diagnosis, medical negligence by a junior doctor or nursing home negligence leading to death.

Doctor/ GP Negligence

The NHS provides a GP service in most towns and villages in the UK.  It is usually the first place a patient will attend when they’re suffering.  This means it’s the first opportunity for a diagnosis and treatment to take place.  In many cases, patients are assessed, and treatment is planned within the first appointment.  In some cases, if the symptoms are quite complex or the doctor feels that the condition maybe serious they will either send you to see a specialist or refer you for testing so that an accurate diagnosis can be made. If the GP fails to notice symptoms of a serious condition and it goes undiagnosed meaning it is left untreated the potential for the condition to develop into something more serious is present.  Here are some examples of possible GP negligence:

  • If the doctor fails to identify an illness even though the patient presents with the  symptoms which means they suffer because of lack of treatment being offered.
  • When the GP prescribes the wrong medication and it causes adverse effects.
  • Misdiagnosis, if the patient is diagnosed with a completely different condition and they are given medication for this condition which causes illness and the current condition worsens as it is not being treated.

Nursing Home Negligence Cases

Nursing homes look after some very vulnerable patients and it’s essential they care for them within recommended standards.  Any deviation from these standards which leads to negligence that results in the patient suffering could mean they are eligible for compensation.

Examples of negligence could include:

  • If the patient suffers or their existing condition becomes worse because their prescription medicine wasn’t dispensed regularly.
  • When a patient is injured following a fall due to an incorrect lifting procedure being attempted as staff have not been trained correctly.
  • Bed sores or pressure sores which are caused by the patient not being moved regularly.
  • Abuse in a care or nursing home environment.

Gross Medical Negligence During Surgery

Surgeons will often discuss the risks of surgery with their patient prior to the operation.  They will ask that the patient signs a consent form but that doesn’t mean that they are exempt when is comes to medical negligence in cases of negligence during surgery which causes unnecessary harm.

Examples of surgical errors could include:

  • Failure to remove medical equipment from the patient’s body (such as swabs, clamps or surgical instruments).
  • Pain caused by anaesthetic errors.
  • Performing incorrect surgery.
  • Injuries to internal organs caused by the surgical team.

Birth Injury Negligence

Any injury during childbirth, whether it’s to the mother or baby, can be traumatic.  It can be even more so when the injury was caused by negligence.   Any midwife, doctor, nurse or paediatrician has a duty to follow standard procedures to ensure the safety of patients.

If they deviate from the procedures, fail to spot a problem or are negligent in any other way, injuries, including life-changing injuries, can be caused.

Examples of injuries or illnesses that could be caused during child birth may include:

  • Damage to internal organs by a forceps delivery or incorrectly performed C-section.
  • Incorrectly performed episiotomy.
  • Failure to suture correctly which may cause infections.

Examples of birth injuries to a baby may include:

  • Bruising to the head caused by forceps.
  • Fractures of the collarbone or limbs during a traumatic delivery.
  • Asphyxiation during birth leading to conditions such as Cerebral palsy.

If you, your baby or a loved one has been negligently injured during childbirth, then please contact us for advice on making a claim.

Medical Negligence For Missed Cancer

In this modern world, where cancer treatment has advanced massively in recent years, many cancers are immensely treatable if caught early enough.  This can lead to a positive prognosis including completely curing the cancer or the ability to manage it for years.

In cases where a mistake is made, such as a late or misdiagnosis of the cancer, a patient could suffer because they don’t receive the required treatment early enough.  In some cases, the patient might not be treatable at all if the delay is a long one.  Our panel of medical negligence solicitors could help you if you believe you’ve suffered because of a misdiagnosis of cancer so please get in touch.

Negligent Hospital Treatment

In order to be eligible to claim for hospital negligence it must be proven that the medical practitioner through negligence, error or omission has in some way caused you harm, maybe it was through a misdiagnosis which allowed your condition to worsen. Medical negligence cases can be complex and it may not always be apparent that negligence has taken place that is why we always recommend getting advice from a medical negligence solicitor in such incidents as they will have the knowledge and experience to identify if negligence has taken place and who if any is liable. Examples of hospital negligence could include;

  • If you contract an illness such as MRSA through unhygienic practices.
  • Being prescribed the wrong medicine or if the pharmacy dispenses the wrong dosage and it causes adverse effects.
  • Any injury sustained during surgery caused by any form of negligence.

Dentistry Negligence Solicitors

Many people have a phobia of dentists when, in reality, there’s nothing to worry about and many people visit every year and receive treatment without any problems.  However if standards are not met by dentists, dental nurses and even hygienists potential negligence can occur which could lead a patient to suffering unnecessary harm. When making a dental negligence claim it is vital that the solicitor you choose has experience with similar cases so that your case is in knowledgeable hands.

Examples of possible dental negligence could include:

  • Damage to healthy teeth during a dental procedure.
  • When you suffer excessive pain because the anaesthetic wasn’t administered properly.
  • If you suffer an infection due to poor hygiene.
  • Or if you undergo treatment that wasn’t required.

Stevenage Area NHS Trust Claims Data

For further information, we’ve included the table below which provides details of NHS compensation paid out during 2017-2018.  Source: NHS Trust and Authority Claims Factsheet.

Healthcare ProviderClaims in 2017/2018Number of Incidents 2017/2018Damages Payments
East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust4711£13,697,201

The information provided is for NHS claims only, private care providers do not need to provide their data in the same way.

Stevenage Area Hospitals

We’ve listed some of the main hospitals in and around the Stevenage area below.  This includes both NHS and private hospitals.

  • Pinehill Hospital.
  • Lister Hospital.
  • Luton and Dunstable Hospital.
  • Spire Harpenden Hospital
  • One Hatfield Hospital.

Because our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Stevenage area, they could provide you with help for any claim for medical negligence in these hospitals as well as local clinics, dental practices, care homes and GP surgeries.

No Win No Fee Clinical Negligence Claims In Stevenage

When using a no win no fee solicitor, you’ll receive the same level of service as other solicitors provide but you won’t pay them up front.   You also don’t have to pay them anything if you don’t receive any compensation.

In fact, the only time you will pay the solicitor is if they win the case and you receive compensation.  Even then, you don’t have to pay the solicitor out of your own funds as they take their success fee directly from your compensation (this is limited by law to 25% of the compensation and might be less).

How Do I Start My Claim?

If you’d like to get in touch and discuss your claim now that you’ve read this guide, please call on 0800 652 3087 or fill in this online form and we’ll get back to you at a convenient time.

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Lister Hospital  – Address: Coreys Mill Ln, Stevenage SG1 4AB

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