Watford Medical Negligence Solicitors – No Win No Fee Lawyers Claims Guide

Medical negligence Watford

Medical negligence Watford

In this guide, we have explained what questions maybe significant to ask potential solicitors when looking for medical negligence solicitors in Watford. And, we’ll also explain why it is not necessary to use a solicitors that is based in your town. This page includes information on how to find the right solicitors for your case, as well as the service our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors provide, as our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Watford area. If you have any questions about making a claim or the service that we provide, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for more information. You will find our contact information at the end of the guide.

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How To Choose A Clinical Negligence Solicitor Who Could Help You

What should claimants think about before they go about finding a solicitor? What things should people compare? Let’s take a look at our advice…

  • Experience – You might want someone that has a considerable amount of experience in the industry, and you may want them to have worked on a number of medical negligence cases too.
  • Payment structure – A no win no fee approach is a wise choice. You could find more information about this towards the end of the guide.
  • Communication – You may need someone who is easy to get in touch with so that you could easily get updates about your case.

Do I Need To Claim Through Clinical Negligence Solicitors In My Area?

It is understandable why you might assume that your only option is to work with medical negligence solicitors in Watford. However, this is not the case, meaning you do not simply need to search on Google for clinical negligence solicitors in my area. In the modern world, claims are handled via email and telephone. This means that you are able to choose the most suitable solicitor for your case rather than simply selecting someone based on his or her location. This is why our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Watford area.

Check Out Medical Negligence Solicitors Testimonials

It is also a good idea to read medical negligence solicitors testimonials that have been left by other people when you are searching for medical negligence solicitors in Watford. These comments could be very telling. They could give you a great insight into the service provided by the solicitor that you are considering. While a lot of people post feedback on solicitors’ own websites, it is advisable to check out the independent review platforms too. This is something that comes recommended because it assures you of the validity of the comments posted. Moreover, once you have made a personal injury claim, it would be good if you were to leave feedback about the medical negligence lawyer you worked with as well. Not only will this assist the professional in terms of boosting their profile (if you had a good experience, of course) but it could also help anyone else who is unfortunate enough to find themselves in your position in the future.

Types Of Clinical Negligence You Could Claim Compensation For

There are different types of clinical negligence that you may be able to make a claim for. This includes everything from dental negligence to care home negligence. In the upcoming sections, we will take a look at some examples of clinical negligence in further depth.

Injuries Could Be Assessed With Our Panel Of Doctors Covering Watford

While our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Watford area, you may need to see a medical expert in your local area. There are medical experts all over the country that could assist with this, including:

Adnan Saad

Sheepcot Medical Centre

6 Cunningham Way, Leavesden,


WD25 7NL

Vikramjeet Chawla

Tylers Way A41 Watford Bypass


WD25 8JH

Afolake Oyinloye

Green Room,

Watford Holywell Community Centre,

Chaffinch Lane,


WD18 9QD

GP Negligence Solicitors

The first type of medical negligence a solicitors may be able to assist a person with is GP negligence. There are specialist GP negligence solicitors that could assist with this. When we are not feeling very well, the person we may tend to go and see first in a healthcare capacity is our GP. We might then rely on our GP to diagnose our symptoms and figure out what is wrong so that we could receive the correct treatment. They may prescribe us with medication or they may recommend that we see a certain specialist. No matter the outcome, if your GP has not diagnosed your symptoms correctly, this could mean a delay in receiving the right treatment and that you take medication you do not need. The effects of this could range from minor to serious. If your condition was allowed to worsen due to negligence on the part of the GP why not call our advisors and they could assess your case for you.

Surgery And Operation Claims

Another type of claim medical negligence solicitors in Watford could handle is a negligent operation claim. If you are having any type of operation, the surgeon that is involved should explain the risks to you. However, just because an operation has certain risks does not mean that you should have to suffer financially or physically if a surgeon has been negligent and caused you an avoidable injury. If there has been an error that could have been avoided, for example, the surgeon left an instrument in your body or the operation was performed on the wrong organ, then this may very well be seen as negligence and the possibility to pursue a claim for operation negligence may exist.

Dental Care Malpractice

A dental negligence definition is as follows: any negligent action or lack of action by a dentist that has resulted in you experiencing a preventable illness or an injury or any sort of damage that would have not existed only negligence was present. The key to proving such negligence is to show that another dental practitioners of the same ability would have not caused the harm. There are different ways that this could happen. For example, your dentist damaged healthy teeth when extracting another tooth. Or, maybe your dentist extracted the incorrect tooth? Or, did he or she fail to spot the signs of a serious condition, such as oral cancer and the condition was allowed to progress? No matter what has happened, you could call our expert advisors for more details.

Birth Trauma And Injury Claims

Any sort of birth trauma could be incredibly difficult to come to terms with, and you might need medical negligence solicitors in Watford that have experience in these claims and have an understanding of what you are going through. Our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors are more that capable of covering the Watford area and as they have specialist knowledge on many areas of medical negligence maybe just what you are looking for.  A birth injury could happen because the midwife failed to spot that you or the baby were in distress. Perhaps a C-section was not carried out quickly enough? No matter what has happened, if you think a medical professional acted in a manner that caused you or your baby harm, speak to our advisors on the eligibility to make a claim. Not only could the compensation be awarded for any physical injuries that have been sustained but any emotional trauma could be taken into account as well.

Hospital Treatment Malpractice

If it comes to hospital treatment malpractice, you could be making private hospital or NHS negligence claims. We have experience in both. If you have been harmed due to negligence because a medical practitioner breached their duty of care you may be feeling quite distressed, anxious and possibly let down. Medical professionals do not intend to cause their patients harm but there maybe circumstances that lead a patient to being harmed unnecessarily due to a service that maybe considered below the recommenced level. If  poor conditions at the hospital has caused you to be ill, or you have been avoidably injured while under going an operation but are unsure if your case reflects hospital negligence why not call our team for clarification.

Care Home Negligence Claims

We also have experience with care negligence claims. You may have probably heard about some of the cases in recent times whereby claims have been made for care home abuse cases that happened quite a while ago. Our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors could help if you or a loved one has experienced abuse in the past by a care home assistants. However, not all care home claims involve abuse. You could fall ill because you were given the wrong medication or you could be making a claim for a loved one who has not received the right level of care, resulting in bed sores and similar sort of injuries.

Cancer Misdiagnosis Or Treatment Delays

When cancer is not treated correctly and efficiently, the results could be devastating. Cancer is a disease that grows and spreads at a rapid pace. This is why it is imperative that it is diagnosed quickly. If your doctor misses the symptoms of cancer or they diagnose it as something else, this could mean that you do not get the treatment required. If a condition is diagnosed as something entirely different a person my be receiving treatment for a condition they do not have and that alone could cause ill effects but what maybe even worse is the current condition not being treated at all and the patients health deteriorating. Moreover, if you have lost a loved one because of cancer negligence, you maybe able to pursue a claim on their behalf.

NHS Statistics Showing Instances Of Medical Negligence In West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust

Below, we take a look at the statistics for NHS negligence in Watford. Private hospital data is not available.

NHS TrustClaims received 17/18Number of incidents 17/18Damage payments
West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust427£23, 157, 197

West Hertfordshire And Watford Hospitals

There are a number of different hospitals and medical centres in Watford, including…

  • Watford General Hospital
  • West Herts & Waterford Medical Education Centre
  • West Herts Therapy Unit

No Win No Fee Watford Area Medical Negligence Claims

One thing that you might want to know about the service our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors provides is that they always operate to a no win no fee payment structure. If you are unsure regarding what this means, it is essentially relates to an agreed payment structure whereby you will only pay legal fees to them if your case is a successful one. If the case is not successful then you will not need to pay your no win no fee solicitors any moneys.  In terms of payment, your personal injury solicitor will take a percentage of the compensation you are awarded as legal fees. This will be a percentage that you have both agreed on together beforehand.

Contact Our Experts

If you are looking for more information about making this sort of claim, our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Watford area. There are a number of different ways that our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors may be able to assist you, including the following:

  • We could in some cases help get you an interim payment of your compensation to cover financial  costs
  • We could be able to arrange for a medical examination to be conducted by one of our panel of medical experts.
  • We could provide you with support and legal advice without obligation.

If you would like some more information or you are ready to get started with making a claim, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 0800 652 3087.

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