West Yorkshire Medical Negligence Solicitors – No Win No Fee Claims Lawyers Guide

Medical negligence West Yorkshire

Medical negligence West Yorkshire

If you need to make a medical negligence claim after being harmed by a healthcare provider or clinician, our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors could help you. Making any type of compensation claim could seem a little daunting, especially if you have never had to use a solicitor to take legal action before. However, with the right medical negligence solicitor from our panel the process could be much easier.

This guide will show that where your solicitor is based does not affect your claim and how you do not need to use medical negligence solicitors in West Yorkshire. We shall also illustrate different forms of medical negligence you could claim compensation for. We shall then look at how best to choose your solicitor.

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Picking Medical Negligence Solicitors Covering West Yorkshire

Whilst it is often important to make sure that you choose the right personal injury solicitor for your case, this can be even more important if you need a medical negligence solicitor. If you are claiming compensation for medical negligence (such as negligence during surgery) this could be much more important. In our experience we believe that if you have been harmed because of clinical negligence you should use a specialist solicitor, such our panel of medical negligence solicitors who can cover the West Yorkshire area. Such claims may be more complicated than other personal injury claims.

Steps we recommend that you take when choosing a medical negligence lawyer include,

  • Making sure that they are a specialist in this type of claim.
  • Looking at whether they could offer a no win no fee agreement.
  • You can look at reviews but they may not be the full story.
  • Local is not always best.

Next we move on to looking at two of these steps in more detail.

A Doctor From Our Expert Panel Could Carry Out An Exam Of Your Injuries

If you are making any type of compensation claim your personal injury solicitor will need evidence of what has happened to you and how you were harmed. In this case, what treatment you were undergoing and how you were adversely affected by this. They may ask you for things such as your medical records or correspondence you have had with the physician. They may also require specialist medical evidence. To secure this, they may ask you to undergo a medical examination. This could be carried out by a member of our panel, including doctors across the UK and West Yorkshire.

In this region our doctors include:

Kashif Waseem
West Parade,

David Pearce
White Rose House,
Suite 2b, 2nd Floor,
8 Otley Road, Headingley,

Suhail Anwar

Denby Dale Road,

Our panel includes other doctors across the West Yorkshire region who could and may conduct your specific medical exam.

Should You Claim With A Local Or Nationwide Solicitor?

Do I have to claim with medical negligence solicitors in my area? The first thing we should note is that whilst you do not need to claim via medical negligence solicitors in West Yorkshire, there is nothing wrong with deciding to use a solicitor in your local area. Where a solicitor is based does not matter as much as other criteria, such as their experience in handling similar cases. Their location is a less important factor as you will stay in contact with a solicitor in several different ways. What we do recommend is that you make sure that you choose the right solicitor for your claim, regardless of where they are based. A nationwide service or solicitor based outside of West Yorkshire may be the right choice.

Check Online Testimonials

It is quite common to rely on online reviews, recommendations and testimonials when you are choosing between different products or services. Whether you read medical negligence solicitors reviews online, in a newspaper, or elsewhere, they could be useful in helping you to decide who could handle your personal injury claim. When you are reading medical negligence solicitors reviews, you should remember that whether they are bad or good, the review may not be strictly fair. When reading recommendations or reviews it should be easy to spot which reviews are authentic and which are not.

Claims You Could Make With Clinical Negligence Covering This Region

Our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors can help people to make no win no fee medical malpractice claims. Such claims could be made when a clinician, physician or anyone else providing healthcare services commits an act (or acts) which are negligent and which leave the patient harmed. The patient will need to clearly show that the medical care they were in receipt of fell below standards which would be provided by competent doctors, nurses, dentists or other practitioners. It must also be shown that harm followed from this. Finally, the solicitor needs to show that such harm would not have happened if negligence did not occur.

Examples of negligence could be,

  • Negligence during surgery.
  • Medical negligence by hospitals.
  • Delays in getting a diagnosis.
  • Not being diagnosed at all.

Cancer Treatment Clinical Negligence In Yorkshire

Whilst today being diagnosed with cancer is no longer necessarily a terminal diagnosis (long term survival rates are around 50%), cancer is more prevalent than before and affects hundreds of thousands of people across the UK each year. Thanks to advances in research, treatment and medication people live longer with cancer. But, if you are misdiagnosed or have delays to your cancer diagnosis, you could still be seriously harmed.

Finding out that your diagnosis was delayed, that your were misdiagnosed or wrongly diagnosed or that your treatment has otherwise led to you being harmed could have a devastating effect on you. If affected in this way, you could be able to make a medical negligence cancer treatment claim.

Dental Malpractice And Negligence

Have you been harmed at or because of the dentists? You may have been injured because of poorly performed treatments which caused you pain and suffering. You may also have suffered a serious injury or contracted an illness due to the way in which your dental care was dispensed. If so, you may be able to make a no win no fee medical malpractice claim against the dentist or dental practice involved. Incidents which could be considered to be negligence are,

  • Permanent nerve damage.
  • Contraction or the worsening of an illness.
  • Removal of the wrong tooth or wrong site oral surgery.

There are many other ways in which you couldbe harmed by negligent dental care. If affected, please contact our team today.

GP Malpractice And Negligence

A common reason for which someone may wish to make a medical negligence claim is for harm caused by a General Practice doctor (GP). In general GP’s can be relied upon to provide the right diagnosis and treatment, referring patients for further screening, testing or specialist care where necessary. However, at times they can and do make errors and mistakes which could harm a patient. Because doctors are seeing a lot of patients through the day mistakes or errors could creep in and harm could be caused as a result of this.

If you feel that you have been harmed by the care provided by a GP and are searching for medical negligence solicitors in West Yorkshire, or those covering this area, our team could help you.

Medical Negligence Birth Injuries

The term ‘birth injuries’ is used to describe harm which has been caused to either the mother or the baby during the delivery of said baby. Medical negligence birth injuries could refer to circumstances such as harm caused by general mistakes in what should be routine medical procedures. They may also be caused by a failure to properly monitor the mother or baby during the delivery. In the most serious instances, medical negligence birth injuries could lead to the baby suffering from serious forms of harm, such as Erbs Palsy or Cerebral palsy. Mothers could also suffer from serious tears, or if mistakes are used in a c-section then the mother could suffer from surgical complications or hospital acquired infections.

The solicitors who are members of our panel could help you to make a medical negligence claim for harm caused to a mother or baby during pregnancy or childbirth.

Nursing Home Neglect And Abuse

Legally, all forms of residential care homes, such as nursing homes or care homes owe their residents a duty of care. They must keep residents free from harm and meet their needs such as ensuring that they have the right food and drink, are cared for, have any necessary medical checkups and are given whatever medication they need.

Nursing home neglect and abuse could affect some of the most vulnerable people in society today. If this has affected you or someone you know, please contact our team.

Negligence During Surgery

Whilst we many not like to think that it could or can happen, negligence during surgery can and does happen. As a result of this, people could be harmed, through injury or through illness. As varied as types of surgery are, there are different ways in which negligence during surgery could affect someone and ways in which harm could be caused (through illnesses or injuries).

Clinical negligence solicitors covering West Yorkshire could you to claim compensation for different forms of negligence, such as,

  • Unnecessary delays to surgical procedures.
  • Damage (such as perforations) to organs or other internal tissues.
  • Damage to the nervous system/ nerves.
  • Surgeons or other surgical staff leaving swabs or other foreign objects inside a patient.
  • Not securing proper and informed consent from a patient prior to an operation.

Medical Negligence By Hospitals

Hospitals are constantly under pressure to treat numerous patients coming through their doors as well as doing so whilst meeting targets. Departments such as A&E departments could be chaotic and often are open 24 hours a day, every day. Other departments such as those for oncology may be under pressure to test and screen people within a short period of time. Medical negligence by hospitals could lead to some of the most serious forms of harm from medical negligence, such as those involving negligence in cancer treatment or negligence during surgery.

Hospitals In The West Yorkshire Region

West Yorkshire is a large inland metropolitain country in the north of England. The county has a population of 2.2 million and is home to the cities of Leeds and Bradford (often referred to as a single conurbation of Leeds-Bradford) and Wakefield. There are also several larger towns in West Yorkshire, such as Kirklees. Between these cities and towns there are many different NHS and private hospitals as well as ancillary medical services. Some of these are,

NHS Hospitals

  • Leeds General Infirmary.
  • St James University Hospital.
  • Bradford Teaching Hospital.
  • Pinderfields General Hospital.
  • Westbourne Green Community Hospital.

Private Healthcare

  • The Yorkshire Clinic.
  • Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital.
  • Spire Leeds Hospital.
  • Spire Methley Park Hospital.

West Yorkshire Region NHS Trusts Claims Statistics

When looking at medical negligence claims in a large part of the country, such as West Yorkshire, it can help us to look at how many people have been affected by medical negligence in this area in a given period. Whilst statistics are not publically available for different private healthcare providers, the NHS does publish data.

In this table we look at how many claims have been made against some of the NHS trusts in this area in the 2017 – 2018 accounting period.

NHS Trust Or Relevant Healthcare AuthorityNo. of claims recievedNo. of reported incidentsCNST Damages Paid
Leeds & York Partnerships NHS Foundation Trust*0151,831
Leeds Community Healthcare6064,361
The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust1372022,478,127
Bradford District Care Trust**38,788
Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust77*9,584,667

No Win No Fee Medical Malpractice Claims In West Yorkshire

All solicitors charge fees in some way for their services. The differences in what fees are charged as well as when they are levied and what payment options are open to you may differ widely between different solicitors. If you have been harmed by clinical negligence in Yorkshire, the last thing you want to worry about is how you will be able to pay for a solicitor to start working on your claim. This is where no win no fee agreements can help. They allow you to use the services of a medical negligence lawyer without having to pay towards their costs and charges until your claim is settled. At this point you will have your settlement which can help you pay the fees due. If at the end of the claims process your solicitor is not able to secure you a settlement, there will be no fees charged by the solicitor for their services.

How To Start A Claim

If you have been the victim of and harmed by clinical negligence in Yorkshire (West) get in touch and connect with our team today to begin your claim. We could help you to better understand how to make a personal injury claim and do so without using any complicated or hard to understand jargon. Our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the West Yorkshire area and could offer their services under a no win no fee agreement.

For more information call us today and if ready to start claiming compensation you could simply click the button above to ‘claim online’ .

Information For Accident Victims

This guide has provided you with some of the most important information which you need to know if affected by medical negligence. Whilst we are not (and nor are our panel) specifically clinical negligence solicitors in West Yorkshire, our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the West Yorkshire area. Below we point you towards additional resources across our site which may be useful as well as some select medical services.

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How Much Could My Claim Be Worth? – Here you can start looking at how much compensation you may be entitled to claim.

West Yorkshire Combined Authority – The West Yorkshire Combined Authority is the central authority for the region and is responsible for administering services here.

St James University Hospital
Beckett Street,
Website: www.leedsth.nhs.uk/patients-visitors/our-hospitals/st-james-university-hospital

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