Medical Negligence Whistleblower Exposes 10 Nurses

A medical negligence whistleblower has made some drastic claims against a group of ten nurses. According to the whistleblower, ten nurses have been accused of being uneducated, unqualified, and unmotivated. The nurses in question do not only lack morals when it comes to doing their job, but they have neglected an immense amount of responsibilities that were given to them.


The nurses have been found to have forged medical records, and given the wrong medications to incorrect patients. One of the nurses was even drunk, while taking care of patients. The claim of the drunken nurse is being further investigated by the police. The ten nurses have been suspended from their duties, following the accusations.

Aside from the ten nurses that are being pointed out, three other nurses have been arrested, and were able to make bail for the negligent claims that were made against them. The whistleblower was able to give an immense amount of information pertaining to fake hospital records being composed, as well as incorrect medications being administered to patients.

The whistleblower claims that the facility has been avidly covering up the wrongdoings of their staff for an elongated frame of time. The nurses wrongdoings have affected over forty different families. However, it is not only the nurses at the facility that is being investigated that are being sought after. According the whistleblower, the scandal runs deep. Management and doctors have also behaved poorly, putting the lives of thousands of people in danger.

There have been an immense amount of medical failures that have taken place at the facility. People working in various departments are being cited and pointed out, as the scandal unravels. Patients of varying ages were given absurd care. Elderly patients were being neglected, and instead of being taken to the bathroom to relieve themselves, were being instructed to go to the bathroom in their beds.

The daughter of an elderly patient that stayed at the Princess of Wales facility, admitted that the conditions within the institution were absolutely sickening. She claims that she personally witnessed one of the nurses that was on duty was drunk.  Drakeford, the Health Minister, claimed that he was shocked about the findings. He issued an apology to the patients that were affected by the conditions within the facility.

An eighty two year old woman, Ms. Williams was forced to live in appalling conditions, prior to her death in November of 2012. Her family cannot believe that they kept their mother in the conditions she was found in. There are many families that are coming forward that are blaming the deaths of their loved ones on the facility where they were kept.

There are a lot of uneducated medical professionals working at the facility. One family member recalls speaking with one of the nurses regarding their family members treatments. A nurse openly admitted to the family member that they had no idea what they were doing. Hearing these types of remarks from someone who is supposed to care for you, is not something that any family member should have to hear.

Sadly, the occurrence of medical negligence is getting higher in the UK. If you have been a victim, make sure to seek compensation.