NHS Sued For Medical Negligence After Mothers Daughter Is Misdiagnosed With Cervical Cancer

In a sad case of medical negligence, a young twenty three old woman began complaining about heavy bleeding and excessive stomach pains, after giving birth to a healthy baby boy in 2010. The twenty three year olds condition was determined too late, and the medical professionals that were responsible for treating the girl, are at a loss for words.

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A distraught mother, whose daughter passed away from cervical cancer, has chosen to take legal actions against the NHS, due to doctors failing to diagnosis her daughter with the condition, on nine separate occasions. The twenty three year old, who passed away from cervical cancer, began complaining of excessive pains and heavy bleeding, shortly after giving birth to her son in 2010. At the time, the young lady was told that she was too young to have a smear test performed.

Three years, after the young mother brought her condition to the attention of multiple medical professionals, she passed away, leaving a son behind, in the process. The young ladies family has sought out the help of medical lawyers and are currently filing suit against the NHS, due to them neglecting to properly diagnosis the young lady, before the condition took her life. The family believes that if the young mother’s condition would have been taken seriously from the beginning, she would still be alive today.

As a result of the excessive amount of pain, bleeding, and vaginal discharge that the young mother was experiencing after giving birth, she decided to put her health into the hands of medical professionals. She frequented her general practice doctor on six separate occasions, and visited the hospital on three separate occasions, to obtain assistance for her ailments. However, even with her excessive amounts of visits, it took medical professionals two and a half years to diagnosis her with cervical cancer.

By the time that the young lady was diagnosed, it was too late for medical professionals to do anything to help her. The young lady had a huge tumor that was obstructing her cervical area, and the tumor had spread into her pelvic area; when she was diagnosed, the tumor that the lady had measured 5 centimetres by 6 centimetres by 3 centimetres. After receiving the diagnosis, she was put onto a six week course that included bouts of chemotherapy and radiation. During the bouts of her treatment, the lady had to suffer from a variety of side effects, such as vomiting, weight loss, and severe sickness.

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