Medical Negligence At Barnet Hospital Contributed To An Infants Death

The devoted parents of an infant child that only reached the age of five months old, prior to his death, are feeling relieved that the medical negligence claim they filed against the staff members of Barnet Hospital, has played out in their favour. The infant passed away, while in the care of the facility, while he was recovering from an open heart surgery procedure back in 2005.


The five month old passed away in October of 2005, a day after he was transferred to the hospital located in Wellhouse. The child was transferred from the facility where he had underwent the surgical procedure. The procedure that the infant had undergone was a mitral valve stenosis. Basically, he had a thin valve in his heart repaired, so the blood could properly be pumped throughout his tiny body.

The coroner who oversaw the autopsy of the infant, stated that the day that the infant passed away, the staff at the facility he was transferred to were to blame. The coroner believes that if the staff employed at the facility, would have taken the proper steps, when administering medical care to the infant, that the boy may still be alive today. The facility neglected to provide the basic medical care the infant needed, by properly arranging transport back to the facility that had performed his surgery, when he started feeling ill.

The mother of the boy, stated that she can now have an immense feeling of relief about the entire ordeal. She stated that taking on the NHS during the course of the case has been daunting. The ordeal has lasted a span of nine years. Further evidence regarding the infants death that was supplied last year, is one of the primary reasons, why this case was able to come to a close, and justice was able to be administered.

Dr. Tulloh, who acted as a star witness in the case, stated that when the child began feeling ill, which was around 1pm, doctors should have known what to do. The doctors in charge, should have instantly taken the proper steps to return the infant back to the facility where his procedure had been performed. The pedatrician that was working at the facility during the day, should have instantly been beckoned to come check on the child.

If the child would have been transferred to the facility, between 1pm and 3pm then there is a big possibility that he would still be alive today. The verdict concluded that the main cause of death, was neglect on the part of the hospital staff. Both of the parents of the child, have already came to a settlement with the facility that took the life of their child.