Negligent Surgeon Performs A Vasectomy On A Patient By Mistake

A negligent surgeon that gave a male patient a vasectomy accidentally, has been let go from the facility that he performed his medical tasks at; further reports reveal that a medical procedure to correct the accident has failed. The facility where the accidental operation was carried out in has admitted to its error. However, even more shocking news is that this is only one out of five operations that were performed accidentally at the facility.


When news regarding this accidental surgery began to leak, the man who was injured by the accidental procedure, decided to step forward. In fact, the man was only supposed to undergo a minor procedure when he was admitted. Instead, he was given a vasectomy. The hospital where the procedure was carried out at, gave the young man its sincere apologies.

A procedure that was supposed to correct the issue is not going to be able to fix the problem either. This does not mean that the man will not be able to have his own children one day. Instead, this means that the man will never be able to have children naturally. Any children that the man wishes to have in the future will have to be conceived through IVF.

A clinical negligence lawyer spoke regarding the patients ordeal. He believes that the patient should be able to seek compensation for the wrongdoing. Theoretically, the patient should be able to obtain £100,000 or more, based on a few circumstances. Some of the circumstances that will need to be evaluated are the age of the patient, and whether the accidental procedure has made him entirely infertile or not.

On top of the patient being compensated for the wrong procedure being performed on him, the NHS will also be required to pay for all of the patient’s medical expenses. The negligence lawyer stated in situations such as this, where the hospital has admitted their wrongdoings, the NHS will need to hold up to their end of the bargain, and not charge the man for any care associated with the mistake.

The NHS has chosen to take it upon themselves to rectify this situation as quickly as possible. If the situation is taken care of quickly, then legal fees associated with doing so, for both the patient and the NHS should not be more than a few thousand. In this particular scenario, the age of the patient, which has not been disclosed, is going to play a big role in how the entire ordeal pans out.

If you or someone you know have been a victim of a negligent surgeon, make sure to seek compensation.