A New Law for Medical Negligence

The growth of medical negligence in the UK is stifling, there are so many reports of neglect and abuses its unreal. The government has decided a new law needs to be in place, one that makes the neglecting parties take criminal charges against them for their negligence’s. According to the law, there will be a jail term handed out for five years as a consequence for not taking proper care of the individuals in the medical firm’s patient books, especially if the patient receives serious injuries or dies.


The law states the offense would transfer the liabilities to the hospitals or the medical teams, private service providers or anyone involved in giving the aftercare. The proof comes in the form of willful or reckless mistreatment and or neglect. The size of the penalties being applied would be reflecting the mental capacity act of recent years. Giving fines or imprisonment for the maximum time of five years, if the condition of the patient is worse, the chances of the medical firm, private firm or hospital gaining both, is rather large.

The new law is being put in place after the research done in a four year time frame showed that more than one thousand people died at the hands of the staff of a local hospital. Where most cases were preventable; these poor people who were left unsupervised in the hospital died.

In this case, the owners of the hospital were more inclined to worry about their allocations of resources than the actual care the patients received at their hospital. The report was published in a local paper, however those involved in the incidents never went to court, never had any charges brought against them. Now however, this will change. An active study done by a University of Law determined it is very hard to prosecute doctors and nurses on the bases of criminal negligence.

Recently in a published article, a lady commented that medical treatment received in a poor manner should be treated as criminal. The lady said criminal charges should be brought against those doctors who feel it is in their best interested to be neglecting their patients; especially when the result is death.

However, there are some instances where the patient’s health may come into play, when their visit to the infirmity or old age is also part of the picture; the difficulty comes into play for the prosecution. In the recent study, the negligence left patients inflicted with suffering causing this hospital to be closed at the end of last year.

Substandard reports in the UK of medical concerns are on the rise, hospitals are unable to offer balanced care for their patients and the resulting deaths are on the rise, a twenty percent rise in the last year. In the last year alone, nineteen billion pounds have been paid out as settlements for neglect. Something the new law will hopefully put into place, the need to be of a better mind to help the sick.