Privatisation of NHS Leads To More Medical Negligence Claims

Multiple reports have been heard over the past six months of the poor standard of care provided by the NHS, making more medical negligence claims come to light. Calls for change have been repeatedly made by the people who are living in the areas hardest hit by illnesses and injuries who are unable to access proper medical care within an appropriate timeframe. The NHS system has been criticised recently for an abundance of unskilled workers completing medical tasks, along with hoards of overworked staff members who are no longer able to provide appropriate medical care due to a lack of resources.


A new report out is encouraging the NHS to stop asking for additional funds that will only allow the system a crutch for additional time. The problem needs to be solved, and the root cause of the problem must be identified in order for that to happen. The latest report pushes the NHS to reach out to private companies and non-profit charities in order to get the assistance needed to make lasting changes to the NHS system and to the way in which patients receive their medical treatments.

While this seems good and support is high for changes to the NHS system, the problem is that the report also makes some suggestions that could make it difficult for certain UK residents to seek out and access quality medical care. The report suggests that visits to a general practitioner should no longer be free of charge. The concern is that free access to general practitioners has been a mainstay in the UK government and medical system for years, and although the expected pay out is about one billion pounds per year.

Opponents of the new report and encouragement for this type of privatization have argued, and continue to argue, that this will further divide the NHS and will cause it to become a consumerism market. This means that competition would drive pricing and quality of care, and that the basic right for all people to have access to healthcare would likely disappear completely in just a short period of time.

Additional privatization could mean less patients receiving healthcare, especially quality healthcare, and more patients being advised over the internet, which likely will result in an increase of medical negligence. Opponents of the move to further privatize indicate that medical negligence complaints have already been on the rise due to recent issues and will only continue to increase.