Medical Negligence Legal For NHS after Dozens of Patients Sue For Botched Eye Surgeries

When you are referred for eye surgery by the NHS, supposedly to better your vision, the last thing that you expect to face is bad eyesight as a result of medical negligence. That is just what has happened though for some patients.


After undergoing eye surgery, there are dozens of reports flooding in from peoples that were left with worse vision than they came in with accompanied by excessive pain, and extreme discomfort. The operations were performed by a private NHS funded facility. One of the patients who was left in worse shape than what he came in for, was an eighty four year old man.

The elderly gentleman has lost his sight and is now legally blind, after the entire ordeal. The family of the elderly gentleman is pursuing legal action against the facility. The family of the man launched a full investigation and quickly discovered that this gentleman is not the only one who has been left in this position by the facility. Half of the patients, who went through eye surgeries at the facility, have had to later be treated for complications as a result of medical negligence.

All of the eye related surgeries that were performed were done for routine cataract removals. The private facility was called upon, when the local hospital that generally performs the procedures were filled to capacity. The private facility was happy to take on the patients that the hospital pushed its way.

However, just four days after thirty patients that were referred to the clinic, began complaining about swelling, pain, and blurred vision. Most of the patients that were referred to the outside facility were elderly men and women. Some of the patients that have suffered complications, including the eighty four year old man that lost his site as a result of the procedure, have chosen to seek legal counsel.

Further information regarding what has been done to the facility, has not been released. The trust has refused to answer any questions regarding the legal proceedings that are being carried out, and the state of the private facility that they had signed a contract with. The trust also refused to release information regarding who is going to be responsible for paying the legal fees that the individuals who have sought legal counsel are asking for.

The son of the eighty four year old man that underwent the medical negligence surgery that made him blind, states that the hospital his father went to referred him for the surgery. His father did not think that he needed it, but because he was instructed by his general practitioner decided to have the procedure performed anyways. Now that one decision that he made, has changed his life for the worse.

If you have been a victim of medical negligence, make sure to seek advice and claim compensation for your injuries.