NHS Needs to Listen to Medical Negligence Solicitors

There is no absolute level of quality of care in the NHS and that is why the number of medical negligence solicitors claims are going up. It’s like the proverbial curate’s egg; ‘good in parts’. A study, commissioned by the organisation itself, recently revealed that one of the good parts, was the UK region of the north west. At least that is, if absence of complaints is a good indicator of quality of care. For fewer patients made formal complaints in that region when compared to the others.


The survey was a big one carried out by a major law company, one that is a leading company in the field of medical negligence claims. Their findings were that only 18 percent of NHS clients in the North West made formal complaints with regard to the quality of care they received at the hospitals and clinics of their region. Less than 2 in 10 may sound a lot but it is in fact one of the lowest rates of complaint, for a region in the country.

The rate of complaints is significantly below the 23 percent reported in the West Midlands and the 22 percent seen from East Anglia. But it is only 1 percent below the regional mean number of complaints, 19 percent. The survey report makes the telling point that, formal complaints are only the tip of the medical negligence iceberg.

37 Percent of the survey respondents felt they had grounds for a formal complaint but never actually took that step. Yes, 56 percent were dissatisfied with the quality of care in the NHS nationwide but only 19 percent, on average; actually carry through into the formal arena. Furthermore the complaints procedure in the North West left something to be desired and this may have contributed to their ‘good’ performance. The quality of the complaints process itself was part of the survey and the region was only rated at 7 out of 10 in this service aspect.

In truth the low level of complaints are not born out in headlines. Remember the fact that two hospital trusts are in the in ‘the sin bin’ known as ‘special measures’ from the Care Quality Commission. They are Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Tameside Hospital Trust.

These organisations are undergoing large scale remedial attention for poor patient care and unfit for purpose hospital governance. Underpinning the survey is the ‘Listening Project’. This is a new and innovative way to aim to make the NHS more open and even more patient responsive, which is a much needed step. UK solicitors have a great deal of experience in listening to medical negligence claims as they’re used to hearing them over and over again, from unsatisfied patients that have in adversely been neglected. The conclusion was that services that were locally ran should pay a hell of a lot more attention to the way they are staffed, and of course the way that staff are in fact trained to deal with patients. Patients need to feel safe and at ease when entering a medical facility for help.

Unfortunately though, despite surveys like this, medical negligence claims are on the up. If you need help and have been affected by poor treatment from the very people that were supposed to help relieve your medical issue, act now and make a claim.

Source: https://www.medicalnegligenceassist.co.uk