Number of Medical Negligence Prostate Cancer Cases Go Up

Solicitors in the UK are noticing an increase in the number of medical negligence prostate cancer cases. The reasons that were thought to be behind such news are that men that visit the doctors for an initial checkup are not correctly diagnosed.


Younger men are thought not to have the cancer, whilst those that are correctly diagnosed with the cancer are not correctly diagnosed, and the exact precise stage that the cancer has reached is not apparent. The new study was released by the journal of British cancer and it strongly noted that the testing that diagnosed the stage of cancer to be changed dramatically. Eight hundred men suffering from prostate cancer were followed and it was found that the grade of cancer that over half of them had, was underdiagnosed. This of course is a case of medical negligence as they were given false hope that their disease was not in the progressive stages, when in fact, it was.

Many of the patent’s that are treated for prostate cancer, rely simply on treatment that involves surgery and removal of the growth first, so the waiting period that sits in-between the diagnosis, the grading of the cancer and of course the actual surgery means that when the cancer is finally under the knife, so to speak it is only then that they realize how bad it has gotten.

Of course, cancer needs to be nipped in the bud as early as possible in order to make sure that patients have a greater chance of survival. Patients need to be correctly attended to and the diagnosis needs to be done correctly. Prostate cancer need not be fatal, and the sooner those that have a high grade of cancer are diagnosed, correctly, the faster they are to being on their way to recovery.

It highlights just how aggressive the cancer really is, and how GPs and staff in medical centre’s lack the correct training when it comes to diagnosing prostate cancer. The number of medical negligence prostate cancer cases are on the rise, and this should not be the case. Men, should be able to go to the doctors and have complete confidence that they have been treated correctly with the right diagnosis, and of course  with such a sensitive and embarrassing part of the body, like the prostate, they need to be confident that it is treated with the upmost severity.

New tests are currently being looked into, in order for people to be able to see ahead the stage of the cancer, and training is being dished out to GPs to note that prostate cancer is a silent killer, one that should not be underestimated. It is very worrying to see the number of cases for medical negligence go up and up each year. This is not something that should be taken lightly, and if you are one of the unfortunate patients that have been misdiagnosed, make sure to seek help sooner, rather than later.