Regional Variation in the Number of Medical Negligence Claims Tells a Story

Medical negligence claims are on the rise, and catastrophic injury from medical malpractice is a lot more common than you may think. The truth is it happens all over the UK, but some areas are worse than others. The region with the worst record of medical negligence, according to the Medical Accident Group, (or MAG, this organisation conducts a regular poll survey of people in all areas) is Yorkshire and Humberside. Nearly 1500 adults involved in medical negligence claims were questioned about their experiences and it seems this region is the worst place for substandard medical care.



This ongoing survey by the MAG, should be taken into consideration by house buyers looking to move locations. It highlights the medical negligence ‘black spots’ on behalf of patients that have suffered in this way. 6 out 10 of the respondents felt responsibility for others and said ‘they didn’t like the thought of other people going through the same’. So be aware of this nationwide problem.

Just behind Yorkshire and Humberside with the second place worst reputation according to the same survey, is the South West region. Here medical negligence is more likely to be of a different nature with a high number of cases originating in the operating theatres of the NHS. Surgical complications can be the most distressing sorts of medical negligence.
At number 3 in this chart of misery and suffering is the North West. It seems you are more likely to receive ‘catastrophic’ injury and have to make a legal claim for compensation here and in the capital. It is notable how medical negligence claims trends follow the money. Because London had the highest number of actions coming out of cosmetic surgery complications.

The least worst area for medical negligence claims, according to the survey is the East Midlands. But don’t join the rush to Nottingham too soon, because this region has a poor record when it comes to complications during pregnancy and following births. So the countdown of shame, when it come to medical negligence looks like this;Yorkshire & Humberside are top especially with, birth injury complications followed by, the Southwest for surgical complications, the North West for unusually high numbers of catastrophic injury claims, London for cosmetic surgery complications and fifth, the East Midlands again with birth injury complications.

The MAG report writers say, in the interests of balance; ‘Whilst these results may seem alarming, it’s important to remember that most surgeries, medical procedures and births go smoothly and don’t lead to a medical negligence claim – it’s a small minority that have a bad experience.’

This survey is another piece in the big picture jigsaw of the NHS. It is also an important addition to the transparency, so vital if quality of care standards are to be raised. Too many patients who have a bad experience do not claim, out of fear of incurring further poor quality care. Yet it is vital that people do claim, so as to help prevent their bad experiences continuing with other patients.