Risk of Medical Negligence Increases Based on Geography

For those individuals living in Humberside and Yorkshire, the latest polls about medical negligence will be more than just disheartening. In fact, they will be downright frightening. Individuals receiving medical attention in these areas of the United Kingdom are at a far greater risk of being affected by medical negligence on the part of their doctors and caregivers than those living in other places.


The Medical Accident Group (MAG) conducted a poll to determine where the most medical negligence cases were occurring in the United Kingdom. In order to gather the information, they interviewed just shy of 1,500 individuals over the age of 18 and asked them about any medical negligence cases that they have filed. The question was limited to cases that have been filed within the past five years. Results showed that the geographic location of the patient can have a significant impact on whether or not they are likely to experience medical negligence of the part of the doctors and other medical caregivers. The results showed that those individuals living in, or receiving their medical care in, Humberside and Yorkshire, are the most likely of all individuals to experience medical negligence on the part of the caregivers and doctors, and that they are also the most likely to experience complications with their care and recovery as a result of the medical negligence.

The research also uncovered additional information about patients who have experienced medical negligence on the part of their caregivers in the past five years. Results indicated that more than 60 per cent of survey respondents were uncomfortable with the thought that other individuals may have also experienced medical negligence during their treatment and that it could have caused them harm. These individuals also expressed that, perhaps, individuals receiving medical care should be aware of the dangers of receiving their care in certain areas, like Humberside and Yorkshire.

Inez Brown, a partner at the Medical Accident Group (MAG), indicated that it is important for individuals who have been injured or suffered complications during their recovery due to medical negligence on the part of their doctors and caregivers to file a claim. Brown indicated that the only way to assist in ensuring that other individuals do not have a similar experience is to file a claim because that will open an investigation and help to make a permanent change in the medical care system.

Yorkshire and Humberside, while the most likely locations for medical negligence, are followed closely behind by several other locations throughout the United Kingdom. However, each of these locations is most prominent for negligence regarding different kinds of medical negligence and complications. Yorkshire and Humberside most frequently see complaints of birth injury complications. Following closely is the South West, with a significant number of surgical complications complaints. In third is the North West, which exhibits a high number of catastrophic injury complications and complaints, followed by London, with a large number of complaints in cosmetic surgery, and the East Midlands has the fewest complaints, but most commonly, birth injury complications.