Serious Case of Medical Negligence Abortion Pills for Healthy Baby!

Earlier this year in March of 2014 when a woman visited her doctor with concerns about what she viewed as excessive bleeding found through a scan that her fetus had miscarried without a heartbeat. On a regular visit to the doctor, generally most people trust their opinions because they are of course the doctor! The woman, who went to see her doctor, did not trust him and is today thankful the procedure he recommended failed. Five months later the baby who, was previously thought of as deceased was born.

medical negligence injection

The doctor in this case, advised the woman to remove the fetus and the pregnancy tissue by taking a series of abortion pills. Hormonal stresses at this idea, mixed with the death of her baby, saw the woman go home and spent more than a day or so crying. A few days later as the woman went into the hospital to get her first round of abortive pills; she became argumentive with the midwives during her visit and pressed for another scan. When the second scan took place, the technician was shocked by what she saw on the screen. The scanning tech told the mother, she had a baby who was very much alive and active in the womb.

The baby was born earlier this year with a few health issues. For one her bowel and liver were on the outside of her body. The baby is a girl and she also has some respiratory issues, however the hospital reports she is improving, and each day is growing stronger, and there was no reason to have terminated the pregnancy.

A manager for the case of this woman is reporting the hospital did a horrible job of preventing a mother from trying to kill her unborn child based on incorrect information. The hospital only took one scan and did not do a follow up scan to make sure what they saw was truly a deceased baby. The original scan of the mother lasted less than a minute, in which several errors have been found. Hospitals, midwives and their staff should be battling for the baby and mother, not a quick impassive diagnosis. This also of course caused the lady a great deal of distress.

Throughout our lives we have been told to trust our doctor’s to make sure we have good information by going to see our doctors who know the value of our problems and are able to advise us of how to handle certain situations, illnesses and how our pregnancies are doing. The sudden disinterest in human life is apparent by the courses here.

Through the years misdiagnoses have happened with little frequency, but in the life of an unborn child, the family knowing prior to the birth of their child something is dreadfully wrong, should only be done in the case of extreme disability or under development of the baby’s organs. Scaring parents into abortion is not a wise idea, when the diagnoses aren’t even valid.

Recent changes to the policies at several renowned hospitals in the UK have brought about the accuracy scan, if an expecting mother gets a scan with bad news, the hospital will automatically offer a second scan to ensure their first findings are correct.

If you have suffered from a case of medical negligence, you could be entitles to compensation. Make sure that you seek advice.