Seriously Ill Man Dies In Severe Medical Negligence Discharge – Why?

A blind, seriously ill man was brought home to his house and left to die in a very bad case of medical negligence, according to his wife, who is up in arms about the situation. Her husband, in dire need of medical attention was delivered to his home in his pajamas in the middle of the night and left on his front door step to die later that day.


The wife living in Fife, would like to know why the hospital felt a need to drop off her husband with only his pajamas ad a packed of paracetamol on their front step so early. Beside herself the wife did the only thing she knew to do and that was call another ambulance service to come pick up her husband. In another year, the husband suffered a stroke which left him permanently blind. Sadly, this is not the only discharge to happen in the area. There have been numerous serious discharges with the hospital where many other people have died since the reopening of the hospital. These people should not have been released when they were, where is the love of human health here? Where is the compassion for the ill? It’s apparent the local hospital is no interested in people who need them, but they are more interested in filling beds with non-terminally ill patients.

People who are seriously ill need a place they can trust the care, going to the hospital in some areas leaves people wondering how they can be treated so poorly. Ambulance services to all the hospitals in FIFE are available, some choose going to one area in particular because of the insurance the patient may have. One wife still ponders the question why anyone who may have been interested in the welfare of other people should allow such releases to happen, when clearly the people being released may die.

Many say they have issues with the hospitals in the area, releasing too early and causing unneeded stressors which have caused other people to die.  When the wife in Fife realized her husband was the person banging on her front door, and she saw the hospital taxi returning down the road, her husband’s admission of himself not feeling well and that he was going to die, angered her so much, she called the ambulance service to send her husband back to the hospital only to be brought back by the hospital spokeswoman to be informed her husband had passed away from several seizures. There was no phone call prior to his release, only the husband showing up on their doorstep.

The Fife area hospital has been hit with over three hundred complaints with several of them, coming from staff alone. The negligence at the hospital has been on the rise since a one hundred seventy thousand pound remodel in twenty twelve. Several people within the hospital aim to soothe the populace by saying they do not discharge their patients without first communicating with relatives and then discharging the patients safely to their homes. Clearly this is a very bad case of medical negligence though.

If you or a loved one has suffered any form of medical negligence, make sure to seek help.