Seven Year Old Dies After Being Given The Wrong Diagnosis Three Times

A coroner has ruled that the death of a seven year old girl could have been avoided, if her parents had not continued to be given the wrong diagnosis by medical professionals. The seven year old passed away two hours after she had been sent home for the third time by a medical professional. The same misdiagnosis was given by three different professionals.


The Wrong Diagnosis Took A Seven Year Olds Life

The child had been rushed to the hospital, after falling ill. She was suffering from an increasing temperature and also vomiting. On her first visit to the hospital, the child was misdiagnosed and then sent away to have her GP monitor her. Not getting any better, the distraught mother of the seven year old, took her daughter to see her doctor three different times over the course of three days.

On the third visit, the little girl was sent away again. However, this time would be the last time. A little over two hours after the little girl had been sent away; she tragically collapsed at her residence, and died. Further investigations into the girl’s death have revealed some disturbing details.

GP Negligence Is Responsible

The seven year old died of a bacterial infection that is known as Bacterial Trachetis. The infection was due to croup. The funny thing is even though a doctor that had seen the girl diagnosed her with viral croup, they did not recognise the complications that came with her diagnosis. The little girl died due to the complications of her condition, which if general practitioners would have taken some time to properly diagnose the girl, could have been avoided.

The parents of the seven year old admit that losing her has been the hardest thing they have ever had to deal with in their lives. Her mother stated that her daughter began to deteriorate quickly. She was once a happy girl that was full of life, and then almost overnight, she became ill, and there was nothing she could do to help her.
Knowing the entire time that something was wrong, the seven year olds parents continued to bring her back to the medical facility. Unfortunately, despite their determination to find out what was wrong with their daughter, the doctors fell short on helping the family. The mother of the seven year old stated that all parents need to know when to trust their instincts and to never take no for an answer.