Still Born Birth Injury Claim

Stillbirth is one of the most traumatising birth injuries to occur to a pregnant mother. After nine long months of gestation, when all hopes and imaginations are to bear fruit in the form of the newborn, it is devastating to accept the death. While in some cases, stillbirth occurs in form of miscarriages, in others it occurs after full-term pregnancy. In both the cases, it is psychologically traumatic to bear a child and have it dead because of the negligence of a third party.

We represent your claim in the court with the objective to derive the deserved amount of compensation from the opponent. We understand that this is not about the money, but the pain and trauma associated with the loss. It has been a consistent effort of our solicitors to use their reasoning skills to maximize the benefit of the plaintiffs. Most of the still born birth injury claims undertaken by our team of lawyers has met successful ends helping victims with finances.

Medical Reasons of Still Birth

Stillbirth has been medically researched for long and the reasons figured for the cause have been laid down below:

• Birth defects
• Arrested foetal growth
• Birth defects
• Birth injuries
• Maternal diabetes
• Umbilical cord entanglement
• High BP
• Physical injury
• Umbilical cord rupture
• Consumption of drugs
• Placental disorder
• Radiation
• Genital marring

The Effects of Still Birth

The effects on the mother after a still birth can be both physical and mentally. The psychological problems make up the biggest percentage of the after effects that both parents have to deal with. They are devastated at their loss and very often find it difficult to move forward. Couples often question whether they should proceed to try for further children and often are very scared when agreeing to try again. Stillbirth can also have severe long term effects physically on the mother such as: uterine infections, disseminated intravascular coagulation (dic) and blood clotting problems

Our Services

We are a prestigious claim management company offering an array of comprehensive legal solutions to claimants. Our services are offered through a legal panel of experts who are experienced in dealing with medical negligence cases successfully. Our lawyers have been associated with us for a very long time which has helped us build our dependability. They offer free case assessment service before we are appointed to take the case over. Judging by the facts, our experts evaluate the potentials to tell if the client has a winning case or not.

However, to ensure that your investment in the legal case is not wasted, our lawyers offer no-win-no-fee services. Only the trials won are to be paid for. All our lawyers work on conditional fee agreement that means more security of the claimants’ investment. We have been successful in almost all the case undertaken because our lawyers study hard to know if the case has a chance of seeing positive results. Still born birth injury claim taken up by us has mostly received maximum compensation because of the sheer hard work of our experts. Our services are chargeable only when the case has been taken up.

So, if you have given birth to a still born baby because of the negligence of your gynaecologist, then bring your case to us for right evaluation.

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