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How to Initiate a Claim against a GP

claim against gpIn technical terms, medical negligence occurs when a professional medical practitioner does not meet the accepted level of clinical expertise in his respective state or country. As a consequence of this, the patient might have to suffer several injuries, the worst of which might result in death.

Despite the latest technological advances in medicine and surgical methods, a large number of patients still die merely due to the negligence of General Practitioners or GPs. A general practitioner is a doctor who treats chronic diseases and advises the patients on the general health and fitness. GPs are supposed to take into account various biological, psychological and physical circumstances before advising the patient on the medical needs of the patient. Unlike, specific doctors like cardiologists who deal only with one of the organs of the human body, a GP is supposed to have a working knowledge of the human body as a whole. GPs are trained in a manner that allows them to treat the patients irrespective of their sex and age.

This calls for tremendous precision. Any negligence that is caused by the GPs can result in dire consequences for the patient. In the United Kingdom, GPs form the basis of the NHS Trust. Also, like in most other countries, they form the basis of the entire healthcare system in the UK. The GPs are the first people whom the patients visit in case of any major or minor health issues. They are heavily trusted by their patients who blindly take the medicine prescribed by them.

But sometimes the GPs commit mistakes that cannot be excused and might be subject to legal prosecution. If a patient has been the victim of the negligence caused by a GP, it is important that the patient or the people that are near to the patient file a claim against a GP. There are many companies that work solely for the cause of the patients who have been on the receiving end of medical negligence. But before that it is important to know what the GP is supposed to do and when can someone file the claim against the GP.

It is important on the part of the patients and their relatives that GPs are general practitioners and do not specialize in any particular discipline. They are supposed to have a working knowledge of all the medical conditions that are prevalent in patients. However, the GPs sometimes turn out to be miserable failures in diagnosing simple health anomalies. The most common grounds when a GP can be sued for compensation are when they fail to identify diseases like meningitis, internal hemorrhages. They can also be sued if they fail in their duty of referring the patients to specialists and medical institutions where they can get better infrastructure and resources. In such cases it is highly advised that the patients or their families take the help of legal counselors, who not only offer free legal counseling, but also assure the compensation on the claim against a GP.

How to Claim against a GP in the Aftermath of an Act of Negligence

claim against gpThe responsibility areas for general practitioners are really vast. Though they are not specialists, they need to diagnose and treat a number of medical conditions and refer patients to specialists whenever necessary. It is, therefore, highly important for GPs working independently or in community healthcare centres to take extreme caution and care while treating their patients. A single fault on the GP’s part can aggravate the clinical condition of the patient. Thankfully, UK Legal system allows victims of GP non-performance to file compensation claims against the general practitioners who are held liable for their suffering. If you do not know how to claim against a GP, here below are few tips for you.

GP negligence examples

General practitioners often make very basic mistakes that become costly for patients and their families later. To cite an example, GPs often fail to examine their patients thoroughly, partly due to their inexperience and party for their own behavioural traits. On the other hand, GPs are responsible for making home visits whenever necessary which they often refuse to do, citing many reasons. This causes delay in diagnosis and treatment and the conditions of the patients worse. Wrong diagnosis is more often than not followed by prescribing wrong medicines and taking resort to wrong treatment regimes. Overconfidence of the GPs often calls forth many unwelcome consequences. They often fail to address and diagnose symptoms of severed medical conditions and they often sidestep the standard procedures for diagnosing standard diseases. These issues have created a trust deficit among general healthcare sector consumers and the GPs and the healthcare bodies they represent cannot just shrug off their liability in this case. GP negligence claims legal experts do their bit to help the victims in filing clinical negligence claims against the doctors.

As GPs are considered to be living gateways to the healthcare services, common people rush to them at the onset of even the simplest and commonest of medical conditions, or when they assume that they have got a new illness. Many patients approach GPs for making everyday health related queries and getting health tips. It is needless to say that GP negligence can affect many more lives than negligence of specialists can do.

How to file a GP negligence compensation claim?

To file a claim against a GP, you should start with organizing your medical bills, reports and invoices. The court may want to see a variety of documents for making sure that your current injury or medical condition was caused by GP negligence and no other causal factor is there. You should see a specialist after getting misdiagnosed or having been taken wrong medicines because of GP negligence and get your condition diagnosed. After that, consult your case with a solicitor to find whether you are eligible for making a claim. There are medical negligence solicitors who charge absolutely nothing for offering expert tips and advices on litigious matters. They may or may not recommend you enter litigation based on your case’s merit. Always collaborate with solicitors who have high experience in dealing with GP negligence claims cases in specific.