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Woman Receives £27,000 as Compensation from Dental Negligence

In the UK a lady with ED received £27,000 compensation as a result of dental negligence.


A woman with Ectodermal Dysplasia or ED, a genetic condition that rarely occurs but causes a person to have fewer than half the number of teeth in a normal mouth, went to a dentist in the surrounding area of London to have teeth implants. The woman had gone in to have two teeth implanted but a bill for the work showed that four had been surgically implanted rather than two. The woman began to worry when the implants showed signs of failing and went for a second opinion when she became worried.

The second dentist performed a CT scan which showed that where the new teeth were implanted there was not a sufficient amount of bone to support them. The first dentist did not do this preliminary check and used posts that were too big for the bone area. The woman’s sinuses became perforated with resulting long-term pain. All-in-all the work was inferior and more severe corrective surgery was required.

The woman was 26 years old and had a great deal of trust in her dentist so she did not feel that any serious damage would come of her visit. As some who has ED, she sees the dentist often and knew that she needed extensive work. She was not disturbed when her dentist said that two of her teeth would be removed and then replaced with two dental implants which would be used to support a bridge.

She received her bill for the work in July 2010 and found that four implants had been done. There had been no discussion of four implants and nothing had been put in writing. However, she felt that she needed to go along with the new treatment plan as the surgery had already been performed and there was little she could do.

In September 2010, the dentist fitted her with a new bridge but when she ate it felt loose so she had to return to see him. The dentist told her to wait for it to fall out on its own before he could cement it back in. Two months later when she returned to see him, the dentist told her additional services would be required including a replacement implant and bridge and that she had lost some of the bone surrounding one of the implants.

It was at this point that the woman had lost confidence with her dentist and went for a second opinion. The second dentist sent her directly to a hospital where doctors there found that two of the implants that were fitted in June were not place correctly and her sinuses had been punctured.

The woman then decided to sue the first dentist she saw for dental negligence and hired a solicitor that specialises in this area. The solicitor determined that consent had not been obtained to place the two additional implants, they were placed incorrectly and then perforated the woman’s sinuses. The woman was awarded a £27,000 as a result of the claim.

Source- https://www.medicalnegligenceassist.co.uk

Dental-NegligenceA trip to a dental clinic is not that enjoyable an experience. However, that does not rule out one not undergoing a check-up every six months. Barring a few cases, dentists in general, are capable of doing their job well. These cases sometimes manifest into serious ones that calls for compensating. The rising incidences of dental negligence have been a potent reason to keep patients away from their clinics these days. The cases may vary from something as simple as a routine check-up or highly serious as misdiagnosis or improper treatment offered in dental illnesses. Depending upon the damage caused, a victim of this negligence has the complete right to file a claim.

Our society is composed of a large section of oral health conscious masses. For those who are not, they face hurdles along the way. Especially when it comes to the immense development dentistry has made over the years, the latter are not aware to the maxim. Naturally, they are unsure about their future course of action in the event of having suffered from some serious negligent action.

You can ask for compensation from your dentist or the concerned staff members if the treatment received has been substandard or have made you suffer injuries of any kind. Most of the claims management companies have been the ray of hope for thousands of patients who have vested their faith in them. Reputed companies dealing with dental negligence issues are blessed with state of the art facilities for making out of the court settlements or assisting the claims for their clients.

Dental negligence cases that compete for compensation

In general, there are these two ways where people tend to suffer injuries because of dental negligence. They are:

-Lack of treatment or Misdiagnosis

-Insufficient medical techniques

The following in the list also account for compensation claism:

  • Nerve injuries leading to abnormalities in the form of numbness of tongue and taste buds
  • Faulty tooth extraction
  • Missed or faulty diagnosis
  • Poor standards of hygiene
  • Reckless dental work
  • Anaesthetic errors causing oral paralysis
  • Complicated implants

Help at hand

Dental negligent claims process is a complicated one. Everyone who has suffered from negligent services can rightly compete for claiming. Most of them claiming for it however, lack a medical history that does not guarantee them the right to claim for compensation.

When starting a clinical negligence claim, especially for a dental one, ensure that you have obtained proper legal advice from an expert solicitor with years of experience at the back. As the field is quite specialized, not all legal firms have skilled solicitors to fight for your case. The best of lawyers put in maximum effort to collect relevant data, formulate the entire case and train claimants so that compensation can be achieved without undue hassles. Moreover, legal experts are extremely compassionate in their nature, so that you are spared of the burden of going through this critical phase alone.

For free assessment, it is worthwhile filling up the free online form and registering yourself or calling the toll free number to get assistance from professional solicitors dealing with dental negligence cases.

Dental Negligence Claims Are Best Handled by Clinical Negligence Claim Legal Professionals

Dental-Negligence claimNHS reports reveal that dentist negligence cases have increased by leaps and bounds over the last one decade. The facts and figures that we happen to see in newspapers and on online news websites often turns out to be  quite disturbing. It seems that dentist phobia has a reason to be so widespread.  Dental negligence cases occur during general orthodontic procedures as well as cosmetic dentistry procedures. If a dentist, under whose treatment you were, did not take reasonable care while a dental transplant or any other orthodontic procedure, and you were injured as a consequence of that act of negligence, you can consider filing a compensation claim case against the dentist involved in your case.

How to file a claim?

The process of claiming compensation for dentist negligence is quite similar to claiming recompense for other types of medical negligence cases. You need to prove that the dentist had a duty of care towards you and he breached that. Next, you need to prove that the error on his part actually caused you injury and a whole lot of suffering. You should also prove at the court that you lose your working days and many other benefits because of the clinical accident. In addition to that, you may claim compensation for the facial deformity that might have resulted from a medical error of this type and nature. As you see, you actually need to prove many things and that too by drawing a logical correlation between the causes and their outcomes. If you think you can represent yourself in the court and prove the breach of duty of care, you can consider that option. However, it is always an imperative for laypeople to take expert legal advice and services as the process of claiming dental negligence compensation may seem too straightforward, but it is easier said than done.

How can legal professionals help you?

The traditional notion about lawyers is that they are highly qualified individuals who prefer to talk less outside courts and may not be open to trivial questions. However, modern day clinical negligence solicitors have revolutionized the classical depiction of lawyers as most of them are young, energetic and dynamic professionals who are ready to run the extra mile for their clients to guarantee the best possible outcomes for them. These days, you can meet a solicitor at a local espresso bar or at his office. Choice is yours. You can also have an online chat with your solicitor and stay abreast about the case progress.

Coming back to the serviceability of the medical negligence solicitors, they actually work more than just legal representatives of their clients. In fact, these clinical negligence solicitors provide necessary financial and mental support to their clients and also make sure that the bankrolls of their clients are not anyway affected. You should go online to find important dental negligence compensation claim related legal advice and to get the proper legal assistance as well. There are many solicitors who offer free legal advice now.

Systematic Steps to Deal with Dental Negligence

Dental-Negligence Maintaining dental hygiene is required to promote overall health. Medical experts in this field have successfully offered revolutionary ways of treating several serious conditions regarding dental health. These medical professionals are well trained to analyze the health condition of the patients and to understand the type of their ailment. They are well versed in following certain procedures to cure the disorder as well. Their precise education has proven to be beneficial in treating patients with deteriorating dental health. However, in some cases, medical personnel forget or ignore to follow the rules and they put the patients in harm’s way. In such cases, the patient is considered to be eligible to pursue a compensation claim against medical negligence.

Why You Would Need Compensation?

Medical professionals swear a serious oath to protect the patients from the pain of ailment by curing them and offering them their expert guidance. Care, sympathy, and precision in taking medical action are the three columns of the professional life of a medical treatment provider. Mistreatment or dental negligence shows the absolute opposite nature of a health expert. It is considered to be a complete breach of their oath and ethics. In most cases, their wrong actions render patients physically and mentally damaged. Taking care of these issues can leave the patient and his/her family financially distressed. However, with the help of compensation, victims can get financial aid to take care of their problems. This is why seeking compensation is a good idea.

As statistics prove, in most of medical negligence cases, patients suffer horrifically. Let us discuss about a few common injury types that wrong medical treatment can inflict.

Nerve Damage

The joining point of our teeth and our gum shield is recognized as a vital area of nerve location. These nerves carry the sensations to the brain and inform us about hot, cold, soft, and tough elements in our mouth. Without precise dental treatment execution, these nerves can be damaged and the results can be catastrophic. Miscalculating the doses of Anastasia, inflicting injury on the nerve location etc can cause permanent numbness or pain in different areas of the mouth.

Mistreatment during Cavity Filling

Cavity filing is a well known process that can subdue and cure re-occurring pain and dental health deterioration. However, any mistake during the treatment can cause severe problems. Following incorrect teeth filling method, wrongly administering dental anaesthesia, malfunctioning equipment, etc can steer the treatment to failure. Results can cause severe infection or even implement of a crown for the damaged tooth.

A few other reasons of wrong dental treatment are-

  • Damaging Inferior Alveolar nerve while working with wisdom teeth
  • Wrong dental procedures causing bite malocclusion
  • Faulty crowns, veneers, implants, or dental bridge installation inflicting injury
  • Faulty restorations
  • Failure to explain the side effects of prescribed medication
  • Wrongly using antibiotics before dental surgery

These heath problems can drain the financial reserves of patients. Seeking compensation is the only logical way of dealing with this problem.

Why Do You Need Professionals?

These claiming processes come with legal attachments, which require experience and knowledge to reach a successful completion.  Professional solicitors are qualified to deal with these issues in a proper legal manner. They analyze your claim and check for its validity. They find evidence of the dental negligence and design an appealing legal case on your behalf. With professionals by your side, you can forget about confusion and expect genuine information, expert guidance in obtaining the compensation.

Know When to Claim for Dental Negligence

Dental-NegligenceLosing teeth might result in several concerns, including gum and tooth-ache, sleepless nights and personality defects. Before claiming compensation for dental negligence, it shall be useful to know about the different forms of it.


  • As a result of wrong diagnosis

As is the issue with other fields of healthcare, even dentistry suffers from misdiagnosis. Wrong diagnosis inevitably leads to wrong or inappropriate treatment. Though the reasons for misdiagnosis are open to debate, the results are not. Most common effects of wrong treatment are pain, loss of time and retreatment. However, if the pain and financial losses suffered from misdiagnosis are considerably high, the patient might apply for a claim of compensation.

  • As a consequence of clinical carelessness

Being clinical in one’s profession is not only the need of the hour, but also an ethical duty. This becomes all the more applicable in the cases of medical practitioners like doctors and dentists. If a surgeon or a dentist is guilty of not taking suitable caution while operating on a patient, the latter might have to suffer tremendously painful and sometimes fatal consequences. In cases of careless dentistry, patients have had to suffer from months of pain that result in several days off-work. This also means bearing incurring losses. In such cases, medical compensation might be sought from the guilty party.

  • Negligence due to maladroit treatment

If the dentist is guilty of not carrying out proper treatment or not executing the surgical process involved in the treatment completely, he might be sued for his act of negligence. It must be understood that when a dentist undertakes a certain surgical procedure, it becomes his responsibility to execute it with utmost sincerity. This also means that the patient might take legal action and sue the dentist for a claim of compensation. That the dentist failed in executing the surgery correctly can also be sufficient grounds for the cancellation of license.

This might also bring the market reputation of the dentist in significantly down and reduce his competency.

  • When a wrong piece of advice is given

It is the duty of the dentist to tell the patient all the options of treatment that are available. If the dentist does not do so and makes the patient believe that there is only one method of treatment possible, he is guilty of hiding vital information from the patient. Dentists usually apply such tactic to impose the costlier method of treatment on the patient or to gain surgical experience.

In such cases the patient might very well claim compensation for dental negligence.

This also holds true for all cosmetic procedures in dentistry. All procedures do not suit an individual and the dentist should tell their patients of all the pros and cons that are associated with the given procedure. Now, here it is essential that the dentist judges how well a particular process will suit an individual.

However, if the dentist hides information that might be crucial to the patient undergoing surgery, and a damage is caused that could have been avoided if the information had been let on to the patient, the sufferer might claim compensation.