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Did A Seven Year Old Boy Need 2.25 Million Compensation Because Of GP Negligence?

GP negligence has long been on the rise in the UK, and sadly there was a very bad case of it seven years ago. In fact, so bad that it caused a family to have to undergo an unwanted pregnancy, and also a little boy to suffer for life as a result of the mother having had to keep the pregnancy.


Why Did Such A Case Of Medical Negligence Happen?

It all started out with the mother’s routine visit to the negligence GP, in fact she was going to have an iud contraceptive device fitted in order to ensure that her family didn’t get any larger. At the time no pregnancy test was offered, and the doctor proceeded to fit the device to the lady. After the device was fitted thanks to the case of GP negligence, the device caused great discomfort and the lady bled. It was considered normal after having such a device fitted.

It was not until 25 weeks into the pregnancy that the lady realised that something was really not right, and doctors presented her with the confirmation hat she was in fact pregnant, and had been 14 week pregnant when the contraceptive device was fitted. It was a terrible shock for the seven year olds mother, whom at the time had fitted the device as she already considered the family complete. Now, as a result of the device being fitted and UK abortion laws, the boy was not able to be aborted, and the mother had to carry in with the pregnancy. She sadly delivered her son, who is loved and wanted now, early at 29 weeks.

Because of the premature delivery the child suffered irreversible brain damage and has cerebral palsy.  After battling it out in the high court the boy’s parents have managed to win him a tidy sum of 2.25 million GBP for compensation and to help him to be more comfortable whilst having to deal with his injuries in life. The case is quite unique, bur sadly GP negligence is on the rise, and since this happened 7 years ago- more similar cases are coming to light.

Should Doctors Be Trusted?

In one short word, no, we always put so much trust into doctors when looking for medical care and that is why it is important that when they are wrong, cases are opened to help highlight them and make others aware.

If you or someone you love had been the victim of GP negligence, make sure that you seek the correct compensation and make a claim with a reputable solicitor.

Source- https://www.medicalnegligenceassist.co.uk/

Why Is GP Negligence Still Happening?


You would like to think that in the UK today, GP negligence is a word that is not commonly mentioned in conversation. However, that is really not the case. Infact it seems to be used more and more often.

GP Negligence Leaves  A Grandmother to Raise Her Daughters Children Alone

That is exactly the word that crops to mind when the 47 year old mother of a once healthy 21 year old expectant mother thinks about the actions of her daughter’s health care provider.  The 47 year old was preparing herself to become the grandmother to her daughters second child last year, when her pregnant daughter was struck down with flu. For some the flu is not a deadly bug, however, in pregnant ladies it can quickly turn nasty, as is the case with the 21year old.

Just 4 days before New Year she fell ill with the flu virus and was rushed to hospital. Not long after the mother to be was coughing up blood. The shocking thing is that had she been offered a routine flu jab by her negligent GP, the bug could have been avoided. Sadly though, down to a case of GP negligence, she was not offered the jab. That means that now her mother has to raise both her children, one whom was brought into this world via a c section when her mother was on deaths door.

What should have been happy memories and the start of 2014 with 2 grandchildren and a daughter meant the organisation of a funeral for the 21 year olds mum. It is so frustrating when you think about it because all it would have taken was the ladies GP to speak up and offer the flu jab which is offered to pregnant ladies in the UK as a routine vaccination. Unfortunately though because of GP negligence the injection was not offered, and as a result the lady died.

Sadly, in all cases of GP negligence it is not just one person that suffers, it is a group of people, the direct relatives, the children, the parents and friends. Happy times become sad ones and a whole lot of suffering reoccurs each and every year on the anniversary of a loved one’s death. Just when are GPs going to take blame for their negligent actions?

If you are a victim of something similar make sure that you pursue the health care provider that left you to suffer. Find a solicitor, and start to seek the compensation that you deserve. No one should suffer at the hands of a bad doctor.

Source- https://www.medicalnegligenceassist.co.uk/

GP Negligence: Doctor Forgets To Inform Patient That She Has Cancer

As a result of GP negligence, a doctor that neglectfully forgot to inform a patient that a bone erosion within her shoulder showed possible signs of cancer, has been found guilty of cancer and GP negligence. A lobbyist for the breast cancer coalition stated that they advise all women to request copies of any and all x-rays that they have rendered so they can read over the information and discuss it with their doctor.


The GP, who remains unnamed, admits that they neglected to act on the suspicion of a radiologist that the woman had cancer which had spread into her arm. The GP that is being held liable is currently going through disciplinary actions for his neglect upon this patient, and his choice to simply not tell the patient that she had cancer.

Cancer Negligence Is Unforgivable

Unfortunately, this patient had managed to fall through the cracks in the medical system. This case shows that all medical professionals and GPs need to properly follow up with their patients, and any and all reports that their patients receive. It also shows that women that have previously been diagnosed with cancer, will need to remain vigilant after winning the battle, to be able to watch for signs signifying that the illness may have possibly spread.

The woman, who was fifty seven years old, was referred to go see a radiologist in order to be given an ultrasound and an x-ray of her shoulder, which she had hurt due to a sporting injury. The radiologist diligently performed all of their required tests. When obtaining the results from the test, the radiologist noticed that the massive amount of bone erosions that appeared on the ladies shoulder were clear signs that the cancer the woman had previously beaten had spread to other areas of the body.

Delays in Referral And A GPs Inability To Act Took The Life of A Patient

After receiving the woman’s test results the GP made a note into the medical centres computer regarding the tear in the woman’s tendon, and that there was a possibility that the cancer the woman had just fought and won had returned. However, despite the notes that the GP left in the facilities database, the GP never discussed the cancer with the patient. Instead, the GP gave her a steroid shot for her pain, and sent her on her way.

The lady returned to the facility a few months later, due to an immense amount of pain. Her GP referred her to an orthopedic surgeon. The surgeon, after an x-ray was performed diagnosed the existing cancer within the woman’s arm. She received radiotherapy and chemotherapy thereafter, however, the diagnosis came too late and the woman died within the year.

Source- https://www.medicalnegligenceassist.co.uk/

GP Negligence Responsible For The Death of An Elderly Woman

Sadly, GP negligence is on the rise. A woman from Burton died as a result of multi-organs failing, blood poisoning, and internal bleeding. However, her condition escalated as a result of having to wait two months for proper treatment and surgery. After she received the surgical procedure that was intended to rectify her ailments, the care she received was extremely poor.


The hospital responsible for putting the woman through turmoil has admitted its mistakes. In doing so, it has agreed that it will pay financial compensation to the woman’s family, in the sum of five figures. The daughters of the woman decided to call upon the NHS, so that they could improve the healthcare that is being given to elderly people, which would help to stop GP negligence. The woman suffered with her ailments for months before her passing.

IS GP Negligence To Blame For The Death Of A Burton Woman?

The trust has admitted its faults for the death of the eighty five year old woman, and has agreed that a five figure settlement is going to be rendered to the family members. Lawyers representing the family in the case, admit that there were delays in referral that are to blame for the elderly woman’s death. If the elderly woman had not been forced to wait two months to have surgery to rectify her existing problem, which was known as fistula, a condition affecting the bladder and colon, she would have survived the ailment.

Treatment And Surgery Options Came To Late For This Elderly Woman

Further investigations into the case have revealed that when the elderly woman did undergo a surgical procedure, that the procedure was performed negligently. The keyhole surgery was supposed to rectify the existing ailment; instead it caused a tear within the ovarian vein of the patient. It took doctors an additional twenty four hours to diagnose the condition to the tear that occurred during the surgical procedure.
However, when the diagnosis was made, it was already too late for anything to be done.

The elderly patient passed away in March of 2011. One of the daughters of the deceased spoke up regarding the incident. She states that the family will forever remain devastated by the situation that their mum was put in. Their mum was in agonising pain for weeks, and due to being given the wrong diagnosis, doctors were not quick to determine what could be causing her pain. Instead, the elderly woman passed away, and the family was helpless, unable to help the inevitable from occurring.

Source-  https://www.medicalnegligenceassist.co.uk

15 Children Die Due To Vaccination Mix Up- GP Negligence?

Medics that were assigned to perform measles vaccinations are being accused of administering an aesthetic to nearly seventy five infants, resulting in serious GP negligence. Out of the seventy five infants that were given the vaccinations, fifteen died as a result of the mix up. Reports dictate that the anesthetic, known as atracurium is a muscle relaxer that is typically used during surgery.


This muscle relaxer was perhaps mixed with the vaccination that is used to prevent measles. The injections were delivered to medics in a mass vaccination program operating throughout the area of Syria. The error is said to have occurred due to the packaging of the measles and anesthetic drug looking similar to one another.

Is Medical Negligence To Blame For The Vaccination Mix Up?

The drug that was administered to the infants is fatal, due to the dosage that was administered. However, lower dosages can be given to older children, without any problems, if the dosages are lower, and due to the higher body weights of individuals. Fatalities occurred in children between the age ranges of six and eighteen months.

The children who lost their lives due to the mix-up, started showing symptoms of diarrhea and respiratory failure thirty minutes after having the drug administered. Most of the children that lost their lives because of the mix up, died prior to reaching a medical facility. An investigation has been launched in the case of the child deaths. Early reports that were posted stated that the fatalities were roughly around thirty four, and that there were attempts being made to deliberately poison the children that the drug was given to.

Were These Children Deliberately Poisoned?

Further inquiries into the case, are blaming medical negligence, and there has been a full fledged investigation launched to prosecute anyone that is found responsible for the death of the children. Outside organisations that provide the vaccinations to the area are appalled at what has occurred. The foundation has vowed to help in any way they possibly could to bring the individuals who are responsible for the mix up to justice.

Many aid agencies have been given restricted access to the area due to the massive humanitarian needs within the area. A civil war in the area has caused half of the country’s population to be displaced. The medical systems ran by the state have collapsed, and outside aid is the only thing that the people of the country have to help them with medical ailments.

Source – https://www.medicalnegligenceassist.co.uk