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Hospital Infection Claims- Mum Receives Financial Compensation For Clots

A hospital infection claims mum living in Belfast is going to be awarded £400k, due to the medical negligence of a facility that she frequented for a medical condition. The hospital infections claims compensation was given because the patient developed a fatal blood clot, shortly after giving birth. The forty one year old that has chosen to remain unnamed, is going to receive her payout soon from the social care trust.



Could The Patients Hospital Infection Claims Medical Condition Have Been Prevented?

Following the birth of her first child, the mother developed DVT, or what is commonly known as deep vein thrombosis, in June of 2009. The lawsuit the woman filed is centered on claims that at the time after she had given birth to her son, she was not properly assessed for medical conditions, like she should have been. The mother was already going through a high risk pregnancy, as a result of her age.

The lawyers have argued in their clients defense that after she had given birth, she should have been given drugs to prevent the condition that she ended up developing. Further negligence occurred, when the woman initially went to the emergency center after she had given birth exhibiting DVT symptoms. Women are more likely to develop blood clots after giving birth, especially with this type of pregnancy.

The clots can become fatal, if they dislodge and travel into the lungs. The woman, who has had two additional children following the incident, said at the time when she was suffering with clots that she was told that it was just her hormones and the condition would pass. However, the condition has never passed, and now the woman is forced to deal with the condition for the rest of her lives, and the symptoms associated with it.

Did Doctors Steer This Pregnant Mother Wrong?

The woman states that the misdiagnosis of her condition has affected every aspect of her life. She admits that she feels older than what she is, she is unable to do things that women of her age should be able to enjoy. She cannot walk ten to fifteen minutes without feeling overwhelmed. Stairs are incredibly difficult for her to climb over.

The mother had to go through several operations after giving birth to her other two children, due to issues that she had with her condition. She stated that if she had experienced another blood clot like she had with her first child, she would have been forced to have her leg removed. She now has to wear tight undergarments in order to eliminate clots.

If you have suffered from something similar and have fell victim to what you believe can be hospital infections claims case, then follow it up today.

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