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Infant Medical Negligence Very Common In UK

A recent trip to the doctor was extremely worrying for a mother and father, when it turned out to be a severe case of infant medical negligence.

medical negligence

Mothers know when there is something wrong with their babies. We call it Mother’s intuition. Recently when a mother took her infant son to the hospital to be treated for another condition he developed meningitis. Both mother and father brought the symptoms to the doctor’s attention, which the doctor promptly brushed them off and dismissed the baby’s symptoms. The doctor never once gave a thought to testing the baby to see if he did indeed, have meningitis nor did the doctor offer to treat the baby’s symptoms until it was too late.

The fourteen month old baby established a black rash around his lips, which spread to his extremities and ears, a trait of meningitis in its untreated phase. This happened within hours of the parents notifying the doctor of the baby’s symptoms. This sudden change made the doctor jump into action, where the baby was placed on full body support and treated in serious care for nearly twelve days.  Of course, this action was past due, as the baby was already in the advanced stages of meningitis. This is a case where clinical negligence was proved a serious problem in this baby’s defense; the family was awarded nearly five million pounds for the care of this child for the rest of his life.

The outbreak the baby developed, linked to meningitis triggered him to undergo extensive brain impairment and is left with bilateral spasticity, which is affecting both of his hands and feet. A simple test could have prevented all of this suffering for the whole family, had the Doctor been more concerned with the symptoms of the child, rather than the treatment of the initial visit. Thanks to the compensation, this child will be taken care of for the rest of his life.

When you visit the Doctor and are not happy with his diagnosis, it is best to seek out another opinion to avoid situations where you may be damaged for life. In medical conditions you must be able to be your own advocate. Everyone deserves a good doctor to visit, as well as a good treatment. When you feel like nothing is being done for your child, the best thing to do is ask for another doctor; one who is interested in the presented unavoidable symptoms especially when those symptoms turn into a major problem.

Meningitis is not a disease to brush off, as this clinical negligence clearly states. The needless suffering of infants goes beyond negligence; in this case it has destroyed the chances of this infant living a comfortable normal life. However, thanks to the nearly five million pounds the extended life care for this infant is well in place.  Negligence, it’s the worst when your own doctors are unable to agree with you and your symptoms. Being on top of your problems, the brush offs by the doctors and keeping great records of all involved will allow you to bring a just and true case to the ministry of medicine, without proper documentation, there is little chance your case will be seen.

Make sure that you seek expert advice if you ever suffer from infant medical negligence.

Source: https://www.medicalnegligenceassist.co.uk