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Mother Sues After A Medical Forced C-section Was Performed

A medical forced c section should not be something that we even hear about in this day and age.

Pregnancy is intended to be one of the most joyous times in a woman’s life. However, even this joyous endeavor can be made to be a horrible occurrence. One thing that a woman is entitled to do when she goes into labor, is determine how she wants to deliver her child. However, one woman is stating that she was forced into having a cesarean, and has decided to file a lawsuit against the institution that performed it.

When the mother discovered that she was going to birth her third child, she started reviewing what her delivery options were. Her previous two children had been born via c-section. However, after all that she had went through when recovering from her c-section she decided she did not want to endure the same recoveries she had with her previous children. She chose to have a VBAC, which is a vaginal birth after cesarean.

The mother believed that based on her own situation that she was the perfect candidate for the procedure that she wanted to have carried out. The mother even found a group that was supportive of her decision to have a VBAC, and she was not told that it was not possible for her to have one, by the medical professionals that were taking care of her. Although there is no guarantee that the mother would be able to have the birth that she desired, there is less risks involved with this type of procedure than a traditional c-section.

Once the exciting day occurred, that the mothers third child would be coming into the world, the guidelines that the mother had set, were ignored by staff members. From the moment that she came into the institution, staff began pressuring her into having another c-section to deliver her third child. The mother refused. After the mother had been in labor for a few hours, the staff refused to help her, unless she consented to a c-section, the mother still refused.

However, even though the mother was adamant that she did not want to go through another c-section, the staff did not care about her wishes. The doctor ended up meeting with the hospital legal team and overrode her decision of not having a c-section. They ended up performing the c-section on the thirty five year old mother. Aside from violating her right to choose how she would give birth to her child, during the c-section procedure, the mothers bladder was perforated.

The fact that the facility still performed a c-section on the mother even after she had repeatedly told them no is a violation of her patient rights. If the child that the mother was laboring with was not in any danger during the labor, there is no reason why the mother should have been forced to have to have a c-section. On top of that, the c-section procedure was performed incorrectly, with the lady having her bladder perforated due to the procedure.

Source- https://www.medicalnegligenceassist.co.uk