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Medical Negligence Baby Death

A mother who had just given birth suffered a premature medical negligence baby death when nurses removed her son’s life support machine while waiting for a routine operation. The wait for the mother for months to bring her child into the world, ended sadly shortly after he was born. Because of the age of the baby, he was placed on ventilation, in order to keep his lungs pumping fresh oxygen to his tiny body. Originally the baby had been moved from one hospital to another in order to have a heart valve closed, which had remained open after he was born.


The nurses at the cardiac ward removed the ventilator as they were waiting for the operation to take place. This was needed to keep the baby alive. The nurses replaced the ventilator with a breathing mask. The mask did not afford the baby the same type of oxygen and caused the baby to go into cardiac arrest, which is assumed to have been the cause of death a day later.

After conferring with the Doctor, the parents of the premature baby boy were told the baby would need to stay on the life support system until his surgery for his heart valve closure operation had taken place. However, the staff at the specialty heart ward for surgery needs had removed the ventilator. The pulling of the ventilation system on the baby’s body reduced the availability of fresh oxygen needed by the organs. With the mask, the baby was only receiving oxygen through the mouth and nose, not enough to help keep his tiny body in full operation.

Hospital negligence is on the rise in cases such as this, parents should have stayed with their baby as much as possible and asked questions about the removal of the ventilator. While not all cases are the same or have the same incidents, the untrained nurses in this case were at fault. It is important to ask questions, determine if the nursing staff are qualified and to also maintain constant contact with the doctor should anything seem out of the ordinary. Putting your trust one hundred percent into a doctor or hospital can be deadly, being wary of the situation, and being alert may help you resolve issues before they arise.

This is an unfortunate mistake, and the hospital staff will need to be trained better in the case of preemie births and their routines. The family involved with the death of the preemie was able to gain substantial compensation for the loss of their new born. While tragedies of this nature are on the rise, there is still no reason why this baby shouldn’t be alive today.  Several hospitals and clinics in the area as well as specialty care facilities throughout the UK have been under investigation for extensive poor care and treatment standards.

Recently a statement from the hospital shows that the medical team on board for the baby’s heart operation apologised insisting the life support system and /or ventilation system should not have been unplugged from the baby.

Sadly, this is something that is on the rise in the UK. If you or a loved one have suffered a loss as a result of medical negligence, make sure to seek legal advice.

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