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Medical Negligence Botched Surgery Affects A Mans Sex Life And Ruins His Marriage

The words medical negligence botched surgery are the words that you least want to hear, especially when going into hospital.

Doctors and surgeons are supposed to be two people that modern day society can trust. Therefore, whenever these two entities do something that is out of the ordinary, it starts to raise some eyebrows. A man, who chooses to keep his identity anonymous was not lucky when he went in for surgery.

He is presently filing a suit against his local hospital, after a surgical procedure left the male physically harmed. The male had his penis cut on, which caused it to be significantly smaller than it was prior to the procedure. The man claims that due to the surgery, his sexual life had been greatly influenced. He was unable to correctly perform for the course of two years. The man is claiming that the surgery is the reason that his marriage was ruined.

The male decided to have a procedure performed, after sustaining an injury to his penis, during a sexual encounter with his significant other. Following the dreadful injury, the man was rushed to his local hospital, where a nurse examined the sustained injury. The lawsuit states that the nurse that was assigned to examine the injury, visually examined the area, without touching it, and instantly referred to the man to a urologist to assist.

This was a misdiagnosis. The man had actually sustained a fracture to his penile area, and was not in need of a urologist. After the diagnosis was made, the man was forced to undergo a surgical procedure. However, the procedure that was supposed to correct the problem, only made the issue worse. The male was left with permanent scars on his penile area. The surgery ended up affecting the males life greatly, causing him not to be able to engage in sexual encounters with his wife, for the span of two years.

Not only did the surgery affect the males sex life, but it also caused other problems as well. The botched procedure, caused his penis to be one inch shorter, than it was prior to the surgery being performed. The man, who is also a paraplegic states that the surgery has affected his life more than when he originally lost his legs. The man is now suing the hospital for his injuries and the botched procedure.

Penile fractures occur when trauma happens to a penis that is erect. When the penis is fractured, a rupture of the lining of the cylinders of the penis occurs. Loud cracking typically occurs, along with immediate bruising. Surgery is used in ninety percent of the cases to rectify this issue.

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