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Medical Negligence Errors at Birth May Have Caused Significant Damage to Baby Boy

Medical negligence errors at birth, made by the maternity staff at a hospital in London failed to realise that a woman who was about to give birth was a high-risk patient and so the baby boy was born with brain damage after numerous errors occurred during the birthing process. The mother was pregnant for only 34 weeks and was taken to the hospital by ambulance in March 2011 after she had been walking around in pain.


There was a Caesarian planned but another emergency came up so it was cancelled. The Caesarian took place about a half hour later after a low heart rate of the baby was discovered too late. During birth, the baby was starved of oxygen and then the maternity staff at the hospital later realised that the mother was a high-risk patient. The mother had also required an emergency Caesarean section in a previous pregnancy. If the signs of distress of the foetus has been picked up by the maternity staff, the baby would have been delivered an hour earlier and his brain damage would have been avoided.

The baby was born premature and was in the breech position. The baby was born in distress with abnormalities on the heart rate monitor and there were a catalogue of other errors that occurred during the delivery of the baby. The family’s medical negligence solicitor identified almost another 30 mistakes that the maternity staff made, so that the hospital was forced to admit liability. An internal investigation had been carried out by the hospital and it showed that there was poor communication between staff and that the delivery was not a priority and that the family was never told of this situation. The solicitor added that the entire situation could have been prevented completely

The baby is now three years old and cannot speak or walk on his own and will most likely be dependent on others for the rest of his life. The family live in the west part of London and have another son who is four years old.

The mother has said that the boy is very much loved but the terrible mistakes that were made at the hospital will shape his future. The family had always felt that something had gone badly wrong during the delivery but are relieved that the hospital has taken blame for the failures in the birth process. However, it still remains that the brain damage which the baby has could have been avoided had there been better care.

There has been interim compensation awarded to the family pending a full and final award. The lawyers of the family have asked that further proceedings be put on hold for several years until the child has grown and his disabilities can be assessed accurately.

The hospital made a statement about the case saying they are sorry for all the errors that occurred during the birth of the child. They are working with the solicitors of the family so that there can be a final settlement and will not comment any further until there is a resolution in the case.