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Medical Negligence in London

According to the National Health Service the largest medical negligence in London case has been awarded to the family of a young girl where serious complications have left the girl nearly brain dead. The largest sum to be paid out by the National Health Service organisation is twenty four million pounds. When the young girl entered into the hospital, she was wrongly given an injection of glue, which caused her to suffer catastrophic brain damage, leaving a health young girl now unable to do much of anything.

medical negligence injection

Currently the young girl suffers from an uncommon medical condition, in where the arteries and veins become tangled, causing uncontrollable bleeding. However, even though this young girl has this condition she was able to lead a very normal life style.

Upon her visit to the hospital she previously had more than four bleeds which needed to be treated by a procedure called embolization; these previous four treatments went smoothly, without any complications. It was the last time she came for another embolization treatment that the process went very wrong.  Usually the child received a special type of embolic agent containing a glue to help slow down the bleeding, eventually blocking the blood from the blood vessels, after the injection of the glue, a dye that is vegetable based and non-harmful was injected so a study on the girl could be done, to determine if the glue helped.

Yet again, this young girl needed another embolization due to the mass bleed she had, which the loss of blood can be very devastating at her current age of ten.  The syringes used in this last embolization attempt were confused in the process of the procedure of embolization. No names on either syringe so when the procedure was started glue was inadvertently injected in to the young girls’ artery instead of the dye. This being the case, the glue did major damage to the brain of the young girl, causing her to be permanently brain damaged.

The royal courts of justice have awarded an upfront sum of two and a half million pounds to be paid immediately to the family of the little girl, as the girl matures, she will also get a little more than three hundred and fifty thousand pounds a year until she is nineteen years old, when she passes nineteen her payment s per year will increase to about four hundred twenty three thousand pounds per year.  The family is suggestive their daughter may live up until she is sixty four years old, where the National Health Department will have paid out twenty four million pounds.

What is devastating is the child will never live a normal healthy happy life; she was deprived of this, when the negligence occurred. The hospital in which this occurred agreed they had caused the negligence. The girls’ father commented to the national paper, stating that the family is heartbroken over the devastation caused by this negligence, his daughter’s life is in ruins and all her dreams are broken. The family opted to bring this case to the public’s eyes in order to help protect other families and prevent other cases from happening.

If you or someone you know has suffered from medical negligence in London, or anywhere else around the country- make sure to seek compensation.