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Mesothelioma Medical Negligence Case For Marine Engineer!

A marine engineer diagnosed with mesothelioma as a result of ignorance from past employers has sued his past employers for a hefty sum, after the courts decided that he was a victim of mesothelioma medical negligence.

medical negligence

A rather substantial amount of compensation was awarded to the marine engineer who worked as shipyard repair man and ship builder. The man was involved with constant contact with environments riddled with asbestos. This has been proven to cause breathing problems for people as they mature, especially if they have ever inhaled asbestos dust. In the earlier years of our century, people were hired hands and the need to give or provide protection for materials such as asbestos were not thought about nor were they part of the agenda. Asbestos fibers are often a little bigger than dust particles and these larger pieces are the problems starters for today’s people.

The engineer in this case, worked for several companies in which allowed him to come in contact with asbestos in more than one job setting, working as a steamship hand, a yard man with a tanker company as well as more than one company related to the sea fare trade. In all areas of the engineer’s jobs, he was exposed to asbestos in the manufacturing and repairing of ships in his life time. Through paint fumes, sanding on ships and other marine based products.

Recently the engineer felt pain in his ribs every time he took a breath, after a couple of years with this condition, the engineer started having shortness of breath, a common sign associated with breathing problems. On closer look into his histories it was revealed the engineer, was exposed to asbestos throughout his life, which attributed to Mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is described as cancer of the lining in the lungs.

Mesothelioma is a very serious type of cancer, which does not go away. The cancer can be reduced if the correct type of the therapy is given. Without the therapy, individuals will not have a long time to live. It’s imperative to get help for the people you love, even if the events of being exposed to asbestos was well into the youth of the individual. The biggest problem with diagnosing Mesothelioma is allergies often play a similar course with hard to breath due to congestion. Many people suffer from allergies and asthma, a side effect of Mesothelioma that is often containable, but not curable. Mesothelioma untreated may also lead to heart problems as well.

Liability was rewarded to the engineer, on the behalf of the companies he previously worked with, he was able obtain compensation to help with his medical bills. While the compensation is not as large as others, there are still monies being paid to help the engineer with his current medical bills. Companies like the ones the engineer worked with had no idea the products, solvents and dust from working on the ships would later affect the lives of their employees. The generations who followed these first employees will also be in line for compensation as well, because asbestos awareness did not kick into place until the late twentieth century, leaving many employees still exposed to the deadly dust and particles of asbestos.

If you or a loved one have experienced any type of medical negligence on behalf of doctors, or indeed  companies that you have worked for, then you deserve to be compensated. Make sure to seek advice from a professional company.

Source: https://www.medicalnegligenceassist.co.uk