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Misdiagnosis Negligence Cases: How They are Dealt With?

Misdiagnosis NegligenceWhen we fall ill, we usually see a medical practitioner to get appropriate diagnosis and treatment of our medical conditions. We have faith on the doctors and have a strong belief that they will be able to track the right reason behind out illness and offer the right kind of treatment to eliminate the health problems. In majority of the instances, our faith on the doctors is well placed and the medical practitioner we go to perform a fantastic job to give us the appropriate treatment. However, in a couple of exclusive cases, the doctors fail to act in the right way, thus failing to evaluate the signs and symptoms properly and offer right diagnosis and treatment. The wrong diagnosis offered by the doctors make the patients suffer both physically and emotionally. However, the good thing is that the patients who have fallen prey to the doctor’s misdiagnosis can file misdiagnosis negligence claims. No matter how minor the effects of the doctor’s error are, you can seek help from a medical negligence solicitor and make claim for compensation.

In the United Kingdom, the cases involving misdiagnosis are banal. A survey was recently conducted to find out the prime reasons behind wrong diagnosis. The surveyors found the following as the common reasons behind medical misdiagnosis:

  • Use of faulty diagnostic equipment
  • Wrong medical test results
  • Improper interpretation of medical test results
  • Distraction of the physician

Whatever the reason behind a misdiagnosis case is, it is always important to approach a reputed medical negligence solicitor. Prior to choosing a law professional, you should make sure that the chosen clinical negligence solicitor has years of experience in successfully handing misdiagnosis claims.

There are a large number of benefits that you can enjoy by seeking professional help from a renowned medical negligence solicitor. An experienced medical negligence solicitor usually has excellent communication skills and convincing power which he can use to convince the jury about the negligence of the doctor in question.

First of all, a medical negligence solicitor approaches the accused doctor with the proposal to settle the case outside the court. If the doctor accepts the proposal, the case does not go to the court. If the doctor in question is not willing to accept his guilt, the solicitor initiates action to file the case in the court of law. What the reputed medical negligence solicitor evaluates the case thoroughly and design the plan of action that he thinks would successfully help his client win the case.

A medical negligence solicitor usually attempts to prove a few points before the jurist in charge of the case. First of all, he tries to show that the treatment received by his client fell much below the standard set by the law of the country. Secondly, he needs to show that the medical practitioner was negligent and thus provided his client with wrong diagnosis and treatment. Thirdly, the diagnosis and treatment offered by the concerned doctor led to the physical and emotional pain and suffering of the medical negligence victim who filed the case.

Seek Legal Help to Get Deserved Compensation Following a Misdiagnosis Negligence Case

misdiagnosis negligenceCases involving medical misdiagnosis are very common in the medical world of the United Kingdom. Often patients complain about being misdiagnosed in the NHS hospitals. The government of the United Kingdom is highly sympathetic to those who have been the scapegoat of wrong diagnosis and has entitled them with the right to file misdiagnosis negligence compensation claims. The cases associated with this type compensation claims are most often complex and tough to deal with. Thus, it is always advisable to get in touch with a veteran clinical negligence a solicitor who is confident of handling this type of case.

Misdiagnosis cases that resulted from medical negligence are categorized into two different types. They are:

  • Delayed diagnosis
  • Misdiagnosis leading to improper treatment

Whether it is a case of misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis, it can prove to be dangerous for the patient who has been the victim of it. The patient undergoing it can become permanently disabled or can be subjected to long term health issues which would not have taken place if right diagnosis was offered. In the worst instances, misdiagnosis done by a medical practitioner can turn out to be fatal for the victimized patient.

Let us talk about some of the prime reasons behind medical misdiagnosis. First of all, the doctor’s inability to jot down the medical history of the patient can be responsible for wrong diagnosis. Secondly, inability to read the test results correctly can also contribute to wrong diagnosis of the medical conditions. Thirdly, inappropriate performance of the medical tests can also be a major contributory factor of misdiagnosis. No matter what is the reason behind your medical misdiagnosis case, you need to seek the legal advice and help of a reputed clinical negligence solicitor who would properly assess your case and medical negligence solicitors in charge of the cases agree to deal with the cases if they find enough winning potential in the cases that come to them.

After agreeing to deal with a misdiagnosis negligence case, the solicitor tries to frame a specific plan about how to deal with the case. He arranges the arguments that he is going to put forward in front of the jurists and ventures out to collect the documents supporting his arguments. Usually, the amount of compensation depends on the severity of the suffering undertaken by the victimized patient. The greater is the suffering the higher is the amount of compensation to be received. The solicitor produces the required medical documents to prove the intensity of the physical pain and trauma undertaken by his client.

If you have been the victim of misdiagnosis, you should do a little bit of research on the internet to find out a reputed law firm that has a highly qualified and experienced team of clinical negligence solicitors who have a fantastic track record of winning misdiagnosis claim cases. Before selecting a solicitor, you should talk to him to understand if he is sympathetic towards your condition and sufferings you have undertaken and ready to stretch a helping hand t assist you to win a handsome compensation.

Life-Threatening Consequences of the Various Misdiagnosis Cases

Misdiagnosis By DoctorsDespite making use of innumerable high-tech diagnostic equipments that are available to the present day doctors, patients’ diagnosis are still cannot be regarded as a fool-proof procedure. Often patients are stated suffering from a disease, whereas the symptoms have a different cause. This causes them to encounter unnecessary treatment that can eventually lead to some serious consequences. A patient may be liable to take legal action, if he or she has suffered from medical negligence. Claiming for misdiagnosis negligence compensation is considered as one of the most legitimate ways of recovering the damages endured in the event. When an individual is wrongly diagnosed, it can have serious effects in their life. These include;

  • Unpleasant side effects due to consumption of wrong medicines
  • Unnecessary drug intake may complicate the health condition further
  • Can cause rashes or allergies
  • Affect nerve
  • Delay in correct diagnosis may cause worsen the present condition
  • Develop high or low blood pressure
  • Increased stress
  • Unnecessary money flow after wrong treatment
  • Develop other diseases
  • In worst case, it may lead to death
  • Wrong surgery

Enduring pains and sufferings because of medical professional’s negligence cannot be tolerated at all. They are the one on whom patients and their family rely upon completely. Every physician has a duty of care towards their patients and they should ensure to provide health and safety to them. If they have failed to do so and that in turn have inflicted pain and trouble upon the patient, a legal action can be taken against them. Here are a few types of misdiagnosis cases that can be claimed for;

  • Wrong diagnosis and treatment: Diseases like epilepsy and syncope has more or less similar symptoms and so, medical professionals often get confused to identify the one. And here is where misdiagnosis occurs. Where syncope can be easily cured in the majority of the instances, when mistaken for epilepsy, severe consequences may occur.
  • Delayed diagnosis and treatment: While trying to recover from the effects of misdiagnosis, the treatment for the actual condition or disease is delayed, thereby arising health complications.
  • Administration of wrong medication and Overdose: Consuming medicines for the condition which haven’t developed at all can have severe side effects. Often wrong medication can cause drug overdose.
  • Wrong analysis of test reports: Even though the medical tests are appropriately conducted, they are often misread. This may lead to confusion and misdiagnosis.
  • Wrong surgery: Patients are often suggested to undergo surgery, which might not have been required. Imagine, getting a transplant done when your kidney is absolutely healthy.

Even a mere thought of such consequences are intimidating, think about those hundreds of victims who goes through such terrible experiences. If you or anyone you know have received injury because of the medical practitioner’s negligence, consult a misdiagnosis negligence claim expert to understand your legal rights. Most of the UK legal advisors work on no win no fee basis, so you can avoid paying up for the initial consultation.