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Elderly Woman Dies From Noroviris In a Case Of Neglect

The family members of an elderly woman, who was a loving mother of two, is finding it difficult to believe that after being admitted into the hospital due to a bruised elbow, died of neglect. The elderly mother, who was eighty six years old, was admitted to the hospital after suffering a fall in her sons residence.



The frail elderly mother, along with her husband who she had been married to for sixty five years, were residing with their son, as they were fighting illnesses. Once admitted into the hospital, the elderly woman had to go three days before a doctor came into her room to analyze her wounds. The mother, who suffered from multiple health related problems was the victim of an unorganized health system.

The nurses, and doctors were staffed from other places within the hospital, and were not physically assigned to the area that the elderly woman was being kept in. There was no responsibility that was given to certain staff members, therefore, the elderly lady had no idea who was supposed to be responsible for her care. While residing in the institution, the elderly woman contracted several conditions.

The elderly woman contracted pneumonia and norovirus. She was unable to recover from these two illnesses, and lost her life as a result. The bank nurse who was responsible for the twenty five winter pressured ward, stated the ward was opened due to an increased demand for medical care. Since the elderly ladies death, a rota has been set up, in order to ensure that patients are being given the proper amount of care that they require.

Despite the fact that the elderly woman needed additional care, clinicians were unable to do anything for her, until she ceased vomiting and her diarrhea had subsided. The clinicians could not transfer the elderly woman to another ward, due to wanting to limit the spread of the norovirus that she had contracted while in the ward.

A junior doctor that was responsible for watching the ward that the elderly woman was on, stated that no one had made any of the doctors aware that the elderly woman was present. The doctor stated that the ward that the elderly woman was kept in, was unable to adhere to the needs of the elderly woman, which could be a primary reason why the elderly woman’s needs were unable to be met. Unfortunately, the only people that are forced to suffer from the inadequate care that was given to the elderly woman are the woman that lost her life while in the ward, and her remaining family members.

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