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Man Demands Bionic Eye As Payment For Medical Negligence

This is the story of a man that wants payment for medical negligence, but not in cash! In the form of a bionic eye.

A man that suffered at the hands of a medically negligent doctor is not interested in obtaining money for his medical negligence case. Instead,  he  wants his medical problem resolved. The state commissioner’s office received a peculiar request when the  48 year old man that had lost his vision, after a surgical procedure went wrong, has asked if the commission could help him pay for a bionic eye. He has decided that getting an eye is a lot more important to him than getting money for his injuries.


Unfortunately,  the request to be given money to purchase a bionic eye is one that cannot be met. Bionic ears are starting to progressively become commonly used in the medical field. However, bionic eyes have yet to catch up with the success that the bionic ear has had.

The man states that he was forced to lose his vision, due to the negligence of his doctor. He states that prior to being admitted into surgery for his vision problems, that his right eye had roughly fifty percent of vision strength, while his left eye was perfect, allowing him to see anything. He decided that he needed help from a doctor when he began noticing that he was progressively seeing a black hole that would show up in his left eye.

The doctors instructed him that he had to be rushed into an operating room. However, believing that the doctor was going to be able to fix his eyes was the wrong thing for the poor man to do. He ended up leaving the operating room in worse shape than when he entered. He ended up leaving the surgery room, with his vision entirely gone from both of his eyes.

In-fact, he  stated that he has been knocking on the doors of some people that could do something to help him. He wants to be compensated, by being awarded a bionic eye.  The intelligent man used to be in charge of operating a thermal therapy unit. In 2011, all of his visual nightmares started.  He also recalls that the first time that he had surgery, the machine that the doctors were using, stopped working midway into the ordeal.

The doctors decided to not continue on with the surgery, and asked him to come back in a few days, so the surgery could be completed. The doctors informed the man of what his vision was prior to the surgery. The vision in his left eye was blurred, and his right eye was not any better either. When interviewed,  he stated that he is not concerned about money.

Instead of wanting to be paid for all that he has been through, he just wants to be given back the one thing that he lost, and that is his vision. Honestly, money cannot help someone who was lost the ability to see. Just imagine having to live the rest of your life, knowing that the people that you trust to help you take care of medical issues, are responsible for taking away your sight, the one thing that enables you to be able to live a normal life, and carry on with general tasks.

If you have also suffered at the hands of doctors that have been negligent, make sure to seek compensation.