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Family to Sue NHS for Window Fall Medical Negligence after Lady Falls To Her Death

When Josephine Mowat was admitted into the Queen Margaret hospital in Fife back in 2011, she and her family never imagined that she would not see the light of day again. Because of a very bad case of medical negligence her family are suing the NHS after the poor lady fell to her death during her ‘stay’ at the hospital.


Her daughter said that she can never forgive the hospital or the staff and that the case is blatant medical negligence. The victim, Josephine was given the bad diagnosis of bowel cancer, thus was admitted to the NHS facility to undergo some major life changing surgery. She was starting to recover well, and the prognosis was looking good. Eventually, after a doctor’s evaluation she was moved out of the high care unit, into a normal ward, and was starting to look forward to the future, and of course being discharged from the unit.  Her husband regularly visited her, and said he was a little worried about her mental state of mind.

On the 17th of November the hospital called him to notify him that his poor wife had fell down, and later had died of the terrible injuries that she had received as a result of the fall.  For the next year the devoted husband was heartbroken, and trying to desperately find out what happened to his wife. Unfortunately, he died of cancer in August of 2012. Her kids have not given up though, and they are determined to get justice for their mother. They need answers from the NHS, and want to know what happened when their mother suffered a fall due to medical negligence. Apparently the hospital made an investigation into the fall that continued for months but until now there are no answers about her death. It has been a terrible ordeal for the siblings, something that no one should have to endure. First of all their mother passed away, and then later their dad died of cancer, paired with a broken heart. They think that the speed that their father died at after the death of their mum was of course related and his illness sped up because he was so devastated about having lost the love of his life.

The hospital later told the children that they would not do a full accident enquiry, and said that there is insufficient evidence to prove that it was a case of medical negligence. One that they are fighting against though on the grounds that the window was certainly not safe for their mother to have been able to plunge 30 feet to her death from it. The NHS are of course not obliged to comment about the case as it is on-going and they are still looking into the matter as it is undergoing legal proceedings. Of course it is a terrible thing to happen and it just highlights how easy it can be for anyone to suffer from medical negligence in the hands of the NHS.

If you or someone you know have suffered from medical negligence do not suffer in silence. Make sure to seek help. You deserve to be compensated for the pain that was unnecessarily put onto you.

Source: https://www.medicalnegligenceassist.co.uk