Trust Fined £200,000 for Medical Neglience Lack of Providing Basic Care

A woman who was from the central part of England passed away at a hospital in the same part of the country down to a severe case of medical negligence. The reason was due to a poor system of keeping records which was very faulty. Also, in addition how she was handled by staff, cited the judge for her case in the local court. She was admitted to the hospital for fractures to her arm and pelvis and fell into a diabetic coma when she was not given the insulin she needed.

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The judge in the case said that the death of the 66-year old woman as a result of the poor care she received was tragic and completely avoidable. The trust which runs the hospital in which she was a patient was fined £200,000 and was also ordered to pay £27,000 in costs. The trust pleaded guilty to breaching laws regarding health and safety. It had previously apologised for the dreadful care of the woman back in 2007.

A police investigation into the death of the woman revealed that the staff at the hospital did not follow the medical notes or even look at the notes of the woman’s treatment, which were a special diet, regular blood tests and insulin. The judge in the case said that failures of the senior managers of the trust were responsible for her death as it had been found that a public inquiry into the trust had found routine neglect of patients between 2005 and 2009. The two basic tenants of patient care being proper record keeping and proper hand-overs between nursing shifts had not been maintained and made numerous patients at the hospital at serious risk.

The judge identified in the case that there had been a general lack of attention to standards and practice at the hospital between 2004 and 2007. There were fundamental failures in the organisation and at the very high levels of management. He added that the woman died simply because she was not given the insulin she needed and could have been avoided.

The judge commented that the trust had cooperated completely with the authorities and was very candid about where it had failed in the care of this patient. It has since undergone many changes since the woman died and the entire management at the senior level is no longer working at the trust. It is expected that it will dissolve by the end of the year.

A senior executive for health and safety in the West Midlands commented after the fine was imposed that when the trust did not implement a proper handover system and failed to monitor plans of care and nursing records it put the life of the woman at risk. He added that the lack of robustness in the systems at the trust did not ensure that principles of good communication and record keeping would be able to be handled by the staff. The woman’s death could have been prevented if she had been given insulin.

He hopes that lessons will learned from this episode so that it does not happen again across the trust system.

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