Widower Sues For Medical Negligence After Wife Receives Poor Care

Following the death of his wife, for what he believes to be medical negligence, a widower has taken it upon himself to sue the hospital in Blackburn where his wife last visited. The widower’s wife waited hours to be seen by a doctor, after complaining about feeling ill, shortly after undergoing a chemotherapy treatment. The husband of the deceased woman declared that he is suing the facility that was supposed to look after his wife. He does not believe that any cancer patient should be treated the way that his wife was.


His wife was in desperate need of antibiotics. She had a one hour window to be treated, and the doctors did not care to do anything to assist her. The woman’s death prompted an investigation into the facility where she was being treated. Her husband raised concerns regarding the care that the lady had been receiving while frequenting the location.

The report revealed that two of the nurses that were on duty that day, failed to see how ill the lady truly was. The assessment unit of the facility, that had been expecting the woman, were never informed that she had been taken to a separate department instead. The woman saw a doctor, after there was a three hour delay in her care.

She would have waited longer, if her husband had not said something to the staff. The woman was given penicillin for her illness, even though there were reports that she was allergic to the drugs that were being given to her.  The trust that is responsible for operating the facility, said that there have been a variety of actions that have been implemented to ensure that what happened to this woman, does not happen to anyone else.

The husband of the woman who had passed away, stated that he was no longer going to keep silent, after he had spoken with two other cancer patients that had underwent the same ordeal as his wife. The fifty nine year old woman had been diagnosed with lung and brain cancer last December. Shortly after beginning chemotherapy to rid her body of the disease, the fifty nine year old woman, began complaining about chest pains and sickness.

She was taken by an ambulance to the assessment unit of the facility. The paramedics, upon taking the woman to the facility, decided that her symptoms were serious, so they took her to the A&E department. But, the staff that was working in the wing, neglected to inform the cancer specialists that the lady had been brought in for treatment.

If you or someone you know have been a victim of a medical negligence, make sure to seek compensation.