Woman Given The Wrong Diagnosis Donates Money To The Facility That Treated Her Poorly

A 39 year old lady who had the wrong diagnosis donated her compensation before dying.


Her mother who resides in Essex, passed away as a result of cervical cancer, donated thousands of pounds to the facility that was unable to spot her condition. Although this sounds a little absurd, the mother of the thirty nine year old that passed away as the result of a wrong diagnosis on multiple occasions, commends her daughter for her decision, and upheld her wishes.

The thirty nine year old patient died this past September. She had visited her local hospital five times in a six month time frame. Her chief complaint was related to excruciating pain. But, every time that the woman visited the facility, she was informed that there was nothing wrong with her, and instantly turned away.

Can Someone Who Has Been Given The Wrong Diagnosis Multiple Times Ever Forgive?

The mother of the thirty nine year old stated that on one occasion her daughter was told that she was drunk, and that there was nothing that was wrong with her. Aside from being told she was drunk on this one occasion, the patient was also told that she had possible mental problems and was wasting the medical professional’s time by coming into the facility on multiple occasions. Another medical professional had told the patient to shut up, due to her screaming in agonizing pain.

Due to cancer negligence and delays in referral, the disease spread throughout the patient’s body, into their lymph nodes as well as her veins. However, despite the way that she was treated by staff that was assigned to help her, the woman decided to donate £320,000 to the facility. The money she was given was from the NHS, after being compensated for her injuries.

Cancer Negligence Can Be Forgiven

The patient gave the money to the facility in hopes that no one else would be forced to have to go through what she had to endure. Although the woman knew that it was only a matter of time that she passed on, she wanted to do something to help others that could eventually end up in her same situation. If that is not a show of mercy, it is difficult to define what is.

The leading nurse at the facility spoke out in an interview regarding the deceased patient. She stated that aside from the poor experiences that the patient was forced to endure, that the facility is extremely grateful for her overwhelming generosity.

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