Medical Negligence Misdiagnosis Causes Death Of Mother

Recently a bad case of medical negligence misdiagnosis caused a loving mothers death. This happened after doctors neglected to diagnose her medical condition. The young mother, was suffering from cervical cancer. Doctors had the opportunity to diagnose her thirty different times, and failed to do so. The mother was in so much pain, that getting out of bed was a chore.

However, despite the fact that the mother repeatedly went to her doctor on multiple occasions and other medical professionals, the cervical cancer she was plagued with was never diagnosed. Instead, the medical professionals thought that her pain was caused from a variety of different medical issues. The professionals claimed that her pain was caused from torn ligaments, nerve pain, and protruding discs in her back.

A few doctors even declared that the mother may be suffering from anxiety, and that was the reason for her pain. At one point during the entire ordeal, the sister of the patient, got down on her knees to beg doctors to help her sister. Doctors refused to admit the young woman, and sent her on her way. By the time doctors were finally able to determine what was ailing the young woman, it was too late.

Her cancer was in the final stages by this time, and there was nothing that could be done to help her. The young mother, whose youngest child was two when she passed, died in a hospice center, eight months after the first blood tests she had taken had recognized that there was something wrong with the young woman.

Multiple failures were made by medical staff to treat the young lady, diagnose her, and save her life. The coroner reported the cause of death in the young woman, was caused from cancer that was located in the young woman’s uterine cervix. The sister of the young lady that lost her life due to the misdiagnosis of the medical professionals stated that all the family ever wanted was for her sister to have gotten the care she deserved. According to the instruction, contraindications for Valium include shock, coma, acute alcohol and drug poisoning, hypersensitivity, glaucoma, myasthenia, acute respiratory failure, severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pregnancy and breastfeeding. In addition, the drug is not prescribed to children aged under 6 months. The contraindications include the purchase of Valium over-the-counter and without medical prescription.

The family does not understand how doctors repeatedly missed the opportunity to diagnose her sister. The disease that her sister was struggling from was preventable and treatable. However, because doctors did not diagnose her sister when they should have, the disease ended up taking her life.

The family of the young lady, stated that throughout the entire ordeal, where they were dealing with hospital staff, they got the impression early on that no one was listening to what they were saying. Instead, they were forced to watch their sister suffer and remain in constant pain. The doctors were given months and various opportunities to help their sister, but they neglected to do so.

The family is doing everything in their power at the present time, to ensure that their sisters death does not go unnoticed. They have hired an attorney and are ready to fight to ensure that what happened to their sister, does not happen to anyone else. Their sisters last few months were spent being in pain, and begging for help, that never came.