Young Woman Dies From Medical Negligence Overdose

A tragic case happened, when a young lady was given a medical negligence overdose.

The family members of a woman that tragically lost her life due to being given three times the amount of sedatives necessary, have been compensated for their misfortune. The family was awarded £65,000 for the mistakes made by medical staff. However, the question is, if the sum awarded to the family, is sufficient, for the loss of their loved one. The answer is no, if medical staff would have correctly assisted with the patients ailment, the young woman would still be alive today.


Could The Life Of This Young Woman Have Been Saved?

Yes, the thirty five year old woman was originally brought to the facility, where her life was tragically taken, for a simple medical issue. The patient had acute pancreatitis, otherwise known as inflammation of the pancreas. The patient was known for having a history of epilepsy and alcohol dependency. Due to her conditions, she was extremely agitated, which caused hospital staff to give her an initial sedative to calm her down.

Do Medical Officials Take Advantage of Their Patients?

After the initial sedative was administered, the patient fell asleep. The medical staff noticed the following day that the patient was behaving irrational again. This was after the initial sedative had already been given the day before. At this point, the patient was experiencing hypoxic conditions. Even though she had these effects showing, where an insufficient amount of oxygen was reaching her tissues, she was not transported to an intensive care unit.

Are Medical Staff Members Prepared For Emergency Situations?

Despite the fact that the patient’s condition was getting worse, staff members did not react how they should have. There were not enough senior staff members that were around to assist inexperienced members of staff. Due to this occurring, the inexperienced staff members were left to deal with the ailing woman. While doing so, they administered three times the amount of sedatives that the woman was supposed to be given.

Shortly after the wrong dose of sedative was given to the patient, she went into cardiac arrest, or in laments terms a heart attack. The patient died shortly after midnight, the following day after she had been brought into the facility. The mother of the young woman hired an attorney instantly, who claimed that the patient’s death was a result of medical negligence.

The staff quickly settled the case, paying for suffering and pain damages. The funeral expenses for the young woman were paid for by the facility, along with a dependency claim as well. Will this money bring back the young woman who died before her time, though? no.