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Clinical Negligence Claim against a GP

GP or General Practitioners form the nucleus of the NHS healthcare system. Moreover, they are the main pillars of the primary healthcare system in the UK. It is true that patients trust their GPs most when it comes to receiving basic treatment or getting diagnosed. However, GPs commit inexcusable mistakes that become subject to litigation. If it was you or any of your family members who suffered the adverse effects of GP negligence, we recommend you to file a clinical negligence claim against a GP. Our GP negligence claim compensation solicitors can assist you in filing a claim in all possible capacities.

Understanding the role of GPs

GPs are not specialists. They have the basic level expertise in all branches of medical science and they are capable of diagnosing and treating basic illnesses. GPs are mandated to refer critical cases to specialists depending on the nature and severity of medical conditions as observed in patents. Therefore, these practitioners play a pivotal role in the healthcare system. How GPs interpret test reports and how fast they are deciding on the treatment procedure is a big determinant of patient health and wellbeing. This is where GPs make mistakes that change the course of treatment. Our medical negligence solicitors highly recommend filing cases against GPs who make such mistakes.

Common GP errors

GPs in the UK are expected to follow the NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) guidelines. However, they fail in many cases to adhere to the healthcare standards. A clinical negligence claim against a GP is generally filed for the following reasons.

• Physicians failing in diagnosing severe meningitis
• Failing in detecting severe internal haemorrhage
• Failing in referring patients to specialists and hospitals with advanced infrastructure and resources
• Prescription errors

We can help you take structured legal action against your GP. Our medical negligence compensation claim legal experts on board have been handling these cases since our very first day in this legal industry. Our experience speaks for us and you can talk to our GP negligence claim compensation experts to know about your next course of action.

Our legal services

We provide a range of legal services for those who want to file a clinical negligence claim against a GP. Our full-scale legal services include:

• Free legal consultation (before entering litigation)
• Treatment and care support
• Documentation and paperwork assistance (We can help you put together the documents you need for filing a claim case)
• Complete assistance during litigation (We can literally fight your corners in the court)

Additional assistance

With highly experienced medical negligence solicitors on board, we are quite confident that we can bring you the compensation payout you deserve. We just need a little assistance from your side. We expect you to follow the guidelines provided by us, undergo treatment, medication or surgery as required and take some photographs of your injured body parts (if any). The medical reports along with photographs will help us in proving the negligent acts of the doctors.

No win no fee legal assistance

We provide a no win no fee litigation service for unfortunate victims who want to file a clinical negligence claim against a GP. We understand that you are going through hard times and paying for litigation might seem a luxury affair to you. We, therefore, recommend you to take the benefits of no win no fee litigation services that we offer. We are confident that you can find our legal services helpful.