How Long Does a Medical Negligence Claim Take?

 How Long Does A Claim TakeMedical or clinical negligence is quite a complex subject. Combining both the world of medicine and the world of law is no walk in the park, both subject matters are considered highly multidimensional. The definition of medical negligence varies depending on where you gather information from but largely it is the term given when a patient receives inadequate treatment from a medical professional that has in some way caused them to suffer further ill health as a consequence. Everyday people put their trust in health care providers as they feel that such people know best, by and large this is true, health care professionals are there to provide a health surface and without such a service people’s health would not be what it is today. This said the amount of medical negligence cases being pursued by patients who feel that they have been let down by the health service is on the rise and some even go further to say that the health service is not in a good place.

In many cases of medical negligence the last thought on a person’s mind is entering in to any legal litigation especially if the negligence has been so severe it has changed their life dramatically. Deciding to make a claim for medical negligence is probably the most difficult decision in the whole process and some people are not sure whether they want to pursue a legal law suit and very often this is due to the fact that they are unsure what is actually involved in the whole process of making a claim for compensation and feel anxious and apprehensive. Many are actually confused not only if they have a valid claim for medical negligence but are not even aware that a negligent act has been committed. Overall those that are victims of medical negligence are more often than not quite overwhelmed when considering making a claim for medical negligence as it is very unfamiliar territory and are confused by the actual process. In this article we hope to put peoples mind at ease when it comes to making a medical negligence compensation claim and outline the process so that anyone considering making a claim are fully aware of the procedures involved.

How Long Does A Medical Negligence Claim Take to Conclude?

Gavel, sound block and time image (how long does a medical negligence case take)This is probably one of the most difficult but most asked question when people are pursuing a medical negligence claim case. As mentioned above deciding to pursue a claim for medical negligence is no easy decision there are many different factors that need to be taken in to consideration. Any law firm that takes on your case should always be up front from the moment they have a chance to evaluate your case and let you know if your medical negligence case not only has winning merits but how much time and effort will be needed to pursue a claim of this nature.

When people decide that making a claim for medical negligence is the right decision for them one of their main concerns is the length of time it will take for the case to conclude. In the initial stages it is difficult for any medical negligence law firm to give a precise answer as the case will need to be looked at on an individual basis. No two medical negligence claim cases are ever the same, events that lead up to the negligence along with the patients health condition and how the negligence goes on to affect them are different in each case so need to be looked at individually. Once the case has been looked at by a medical negligence solicitor it will then be transferred for a medical expert to look at, it is only then that a time can be given. Modafinil (Provigil, Modvigil, Allertec, Modalert) is a central nervous system stimulant that is taken to treat sleep disorders and excessive daytime sleepiness (narcolepsy). It is sometimes prescribed as an adjunct to reduce the symptoms of ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and depression.

All cases vary when it comes to the length of time a medical negligence case will take, it largely depends on the severity of the case for example; a brain injury negligence case may take much longer than a broken bone misdiagnosis as the brain injury victims future prognosis may be difficult to judge plus their quality of life may be much more severe than a broken bone which may heal over several months.


Type of Medical Negligence Claim Case  How Long Will it Take?
Hospital Negligence Case  *Should take one year but can take much longer
Brain Injury Negligence Case   *Estimated around 18-36 months can take much longer
Cerebral Palsy  *Estimated around 18-36 months can take much longer
Dental Negligence   *Under 12 months

(*all times are just estimation and should never be taken as fact)

Each and every medical negligence case are different and depending on different factors including the severity of the negligence, how much pain and future suffering the victim may face and whether or not liability is admitted all contribute to the time it takes for a case to conclude.

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