Dental Negligence Claim

People dreading a visit to their dentists now have a new reason to keep away from dental clinics. The dental negligence cases that fly out with news headlines everyday have planted mortal fear in the minds of already phobic mass who have every excuse in the world to not see a dentist, not to mention the discouragement faced by the oral health conscious section of people. However, the dental negligence claim facility has lit a ray of hope for the victims who have been outrageously wronged by their dentists in the name of treatment.

We are a reputable claim management company offering full cooperation and support to your dental negligence victims. We represent claims, make out-of-the-court settlements and assist the claim process for our clients, so that filing a claim against wrongdoing is never a problem.

Extracts of Cases from Newspapers and the World Wide Web

Wrongly Done Cosmetic Jobs: The disastrous kind of medical negligence cases that you get to read in newspapers occurs in cosmetic dentistry. Negligence that occurs in the dental procedures made for cosmetic development is now common place, with the increasing demand and limited professionals. Faulty implantation of crowns causing deterioration in the dental teeth structure is one of the most common errors. Wrongly done implants, veneering, bridging, etc. are also results of sheer negligence and inefficiency.

Gum Disease Treatment: Reports say that gum disorders of one type are often misdiagnosed for another. Whether it’s a periodontal problem, or bleeding gums, patients have often been wrongly treated with serious results in the end. Hence, misdiagnosis and incorrect treatment are the chief types of medical negligence in this segment.

Tooth Extraction: This is one area where intense care is needed because uprooting one or multiple teeth from their seats means a lot of pain and a great deal of chances for infection. Often doctors, due to their carelessness end up extracting the wrong tooth. Since the patient is anesthetised, pointing out the mistake before the damage is done is difficult. In other cases, abrupt pulling techniques leave behind nerve damages that can harm the dental health of the patients for a very long time. Use of wrong or dysfunctional extraction tools is another form of dental negligence.

Negligence That Should See a Trial

If you are willing to take your case forward to make a claim for compensation in the court, then take a quick run through the list to know if you’ve the ground for it.

• Nerve injuries causing numbness of tongue, permanent or temporary
• Nerve injuries leading to abnormal functioning of taste buds
• Anaesthetic errors leading to oral paralysis
• Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis
• Complications due to wrong implants
• Failure to act according to the medical history of the patient
• Wrong tooth extraction
• Unnecessary extraction

Us at Your Service

We are here to help you start your dental negligence claim process and win a deserving compensatory amount for your case. We work with a team of experienced and successful solicitors that is dedicated to offering complete guidance throughout the course of the trial. Our job is comprehensive and our solutions end-to-end. Our aim is to shoulder the process of claiming compensation so that our clients get the opportunity to deal with the physical problems effectively. Our lawyers work hard to collect data, formulate the case and train the claimants for court appearances so that compensation can be earned at minimum fuss.

If, you have suffered negligence or errors during a medical process, do not stay back in the shadows of doubts. Bring your case to us for a free assessment.