Filing a cerebral palsy compensation claim is now much easier

Cerebral palsyQuite often we find patients suffering from cerebral palsy. The way their overall movement is affected as a result of suffering from it cannot be merely explained in words.  Kids who suffer from this condition are barred from functioning normally. They display a wide range of symptoms and develop other problems like incontinence, epileptic fits, delayed growth, attention and learning difficulties.

For people who are still unaware about this debilitating condition, cerebral palsy is a term assigned to disorders that affects the neurological functioning of the person. The individual is not able to perform the daily functions as eating, talking or walking like any normal person. The condition is caused at the time of birth, which ultimately produces long-term anomalies like balance and concentration problems.

Since it encompasses a wide range of causes, cerebral palsy compensation claims can be made only at the event of being able to prove that the condition is an outcome of the negligence caused during delivery.  If proved that the condition was caused by hpnoxia or oxygen deprivation or the hospital acted negligent that resulted in such a distress, only then the claim stands successful.

Common medical negligence causes that are key contributors to cerebral palsy

  • Baby being left in the birth canal for a prolonged duration causing oxygen deprivation in the brain
  • Insufficient monitoring of the baby’s heartbeat and rate of breathing
  • Delayed treatment of serious conditions as meningitis
  • Failure to respond or treat mother’s high or low blood pressure causing intracranial haemorrhage of the baby resulting in impairment of motor functions.
  • Baby’s distress not seen to and carrying out the caesarean section then
  • Failure to attend at the proper time owing to the unavailability of the paediatrician
  • Incorrect use of vacuum extraction or forceps while delivering the baby
  • Specific brain injuries at the time of foetal development such as the following:

– Abnormal development of the brain, due to injury caused to the baby’s head, infections or genetic mutations

-Per ventricular Leukomalacia, or damage to the brain’s white matter

Medical negligence is a potent cause for cerebral palsy. Not just the hospital staff comprising doctors and nurses, even midwifes fail to perform their duties. Naturally, when a child is deprived from good medical care, the emotional distress builds up. There is an added pressure on the family to provide for such children. The excessive costs cannot be borne by the family alone and hence seeking compensation claims is mandatory.