Should GP and Doctor Negligence Have Caused The Death of a 28 Year Old Lady?

Earlier this year a 28 year old lady from Luton was admitted to the hospital to be treated for what should have been a routine procedure. She had developed an infection on her lung and had to be hospitalised to check her health and administered antibiotics through a drip.


Why Did GP and Doctor Negligence Leave A Dirty Line In A Patients Arm?

The line that was inserted into her hand was left there for the Easter weekend because there were no staff on call to change the line. Staff had actually noticed that the line had become dirty and there was visible bacteria in the line that should have been changed immediately. There is no questioning the fact that bacteria can be the cause of infection and there should be no questioning just how soon the line should have been removed and replaced, that of course should have been immediately.

The 28 year old woman was left though as the doctors and nurses were too busy to attend to such a routine procedure, in fact no one seemed to want to take responsibility for it. So all over the weekend despite them knowing that the ladies drip had bacteria inside; they went about day to day procedures, waiting until there were more staff in after the weekend holiday. The 28 year old lady developed a fever in the meantime, and then developed blood poisoning. The blood poisoning was unfortunately caught too late and the lady died before anyone was able to treat her effectively and make sure that her infection could be treated.

Her family were fuming when they found out that she had died and certainly did not expect that to be the outcome of such a short illness. The case was taken to court and passed onto a specialist solicitor that was able to prove that GP and doctor negligence was a result of the cause of the ladies death, and her relatives received a substantial pay-out, along with an apology from the hospital that the negligence took place at. That is not to say that the cash would compensate for the death of the lady, but the cash would in fact help to receive an acknowledgement that there was a mistake that had taken place on the hospitals part.

Cases like this are on the rise a lot more and GP and doctor negligence is becoming something that is heard of a lot more. If you or someone you know have suffered as a result of something similar, make sure to seek professional advice and get compensation.