Why Is GP Negligence Still Happening?


You would like to think that in the UK today, GP negligence is a word that is not commonly mentioned in conversation. However, that is really not the case. Infact it seems to be used more and more often.

GP Negligence Leaves  A Grandmother to Raise Her Daughters Children Alone

That is exactly the word that crops to mind when the 47 year old mother of a once healthy 21 year old expectant mother thinks about the actions of her daughter’s health care provider.  The 47 year old was preparing herself to become the grandmother to her daughters second child last year, when her pregnant daughter was struck down with flu. For some the flu is not a deadly bug, however, in pregnant ladies it can quickly turn nasty, as is the case with the 21year old.

Just 4 days before New Year she fell ill with the flu virus and was rushed to hospital. Not long after the mother to be was coughing up blood. The shocking thing is that had she been offered a routine flu jab by her negligent GP, the bug could have been avoided. Sadly though, down to a case of GP negligence, she was not offered the jab. That means that now her mother has to raise both her children, one whom was brought into this world via a c section when her mother was on deaths door.

What should have been happy memories and the start of 2014 with 2 grandchildren and a daughter meant the organisation of a funeral for the 21 year olds mum. It is so frustrating when you think about it because all it would have taken was the ladies GP to speak up and offer the flu jab which is offered to pregnant ladies in the UK as a routine vaccination. Unfortunately though because of GP negligence the injection was not offered, and as a result the lady died.

Sadly, in all cases of GP negligence it is not just one person that suffers, it is a group of people, the direct relatives, the children, the parents and friends. Happy times become sad ones and a whole lot of suffering reoccurs each and every year on the anniversary of a loved one’s death. Just when are GPs going to take blame for their negligent actions?

If you are a victim of something similar make sure that you pursue the health care provider that left you to suffer. Find a solicitor, and start to seek the compensation that you deserve. No one should suffer at the hands of a bad doctor.

Source- https://www.medicalnegligenceassist.co.uk/